Dunmore Gets 10X Speed, Eliminates Outages with Ecessa

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – 21 Apr, 2016 – Ecessa Corporation, a leading manufacturer of wide area networking solutions for business, today announced that Dunmore has deployed Ecessa solutions to improve their network connectivity and business continuity. Dunmore is a global design and manufacturing company specializing in coated, laminated and metalized films. With corporate headquarters in Bristol, Pennsylvania and additional manufacturing facilities in Brewster, New York and Freiburg, Germany, Dunmore products can be found in everything from wall coverings here on earth to space vehicles, including the International Space Station and New Horizons. When you look up at the night sky, chances are good that some of those twinkling specks bear Dunmore materials.

Dunmore has made their name by driving innovation, designing and manufacturing highly reliable products and exceeding their customers’ expectations. In order to maintain their good name and to keep delivering on their commitments, Dunmore needed a solution to address the connectivity outages that were the result of a poorly performing MPLS circuit. As Vince Sullivan, IT Manager at Dunmore, put it “We’re in two areas that have copper problems. The wind blows and a line goes bad.”

The legacy Dunmore network had MPLS circuits between sites and Comcast Internet. When the MPLS link went down, Dunmore’s IT team had to manually reconfigure routers to establish a VPN between the cable modems and then route traffic over the Comcast connection. The process would take 15 minutes or so, and when the MPLS link came back up, they had to reverse the process. Sullivan quickly recognized how inefficient this was for his staff and the service level issues it presented to Dunmore’s internal and external customers.

After trying a solution that didn’t work, Sullivan and his system integrator Mike Stanwick at Advanced Micro Computer Specialists, Inc. selected Ecessa ClariLink to provide automatic failover when MPLS circuits go down. Using Ecessa software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) features, the VPN uses both ISP links and stays operational, even when one of the ISP connections fails.

In addition to ClariLink they also implemented a Broadview cloud-based hosted VoIP solution. With the Broadview system, all calls are routed through the cloud, so flawless connectivity is imperative. Sullivan uses Ecessa’s SD-WAN features to route voice traffic over the preferred primary link and fail it over to the other link if primary link failure is detected. 

“Our uptime has been improved dramatically. In the past year our wide area network hasn’t been down at all, versus about 6 times per year before,” said Sullivan.

VPN performance has also improved. “In the past 6 months, our Comcast Business circuit has gone down about 12 times per month.  Most times it is only for a few seconds but that would cause serious problems to our VPN if the ClariLink wasn’t balancing our internet circuits.  As we are configured today with two ISPs on each side, service was never interrupted.”

In addition to network resiliency, Dunmore more than tripled connection speeds without increasing budget. “We spend about the same money today on fiber internet service as we did in our old MPLS configuration.  However, the speed has increased about 3X in New York and 10X in Pennsylvania.”

Now when there’s a link failure, Sullivan gets an email alert. Instead of rushing to manually reconfiguring hardware and cables, he has confidence that the VPN and VoIP have automatically failed over and everyone in his organization has uninterrupted access to their business systems. “Our network is more resilient. The product just works.”

About Ecessa

Ecessa designs and manufactures networking hardware and software that provides constant and seamless network connectivity for businesses. The company’s line of WAN controllers has over 10,000 field installations. Ecessa PowerLink™, ClariLink™ and WANworX™ controllers enable organizations of all sizes to use any type of private or public network bandwidth to reliably run their Internet and cloud-based applications, connect their offices worldwide and distribute traffic among a fabric of multiple, diverse WAN links, ensuring business continuity by removing bottlenecks and eliminating network downtime. The company’s SD-WAN technology optimizes Never Down™ performance of business-critical applications, aids in lowering IT costs, and makes it easier to provision, maintain and support business networks and the applications that run over them.

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