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“Paris Flat List: rent apartments in Paris”
Thinking of going to Paris? What’re you waiting for? Parisflatlist new website is waiting for you as well as its exceptional offer that you can’t miss out! By using the promo code PARIS2016, you’ll immediately get off 10% of the original price!

Parisflatlist has just revamped the new website and enriched it with new tools and applications. For those who are fond of travelling, PFL will be the right starting point to explore the city.

Parisflatlist is proud to announce the launch of its new website from where you could easily navigate throughout the city and find the accommodation that best suits you. New functionalities have been added such as directions, places to see and visit whichever you need to go and stay in Paris. The new website has completely been reshaped to follow the new technological trends in the accommodation sector. 

Mrs Nadia Bolino, Parisflatlist representative, proudly said that “the new website reflects the soul of this city where things change on a daily basis while keeping the beauty of an eternal and tireless city“. Paris, Mrs Bolino kept saying, is a vibrant city, full of energy which needs to be kept alive”.  She also gladly announced the launch of the Paris flats facebook page where more information will be found constantly throughout the day. To access the facebook page ckick here.

So, if you have not visited Paris yet or if you have visited it thousands of times already, time has come to fill in this gap or to come back! If you thought that Paris had too many expensive hotels and that you couldn’t afford a stay, Paris flat is the perfect solution you were looking for. Parisflatlist owns accommodations which are fabulously situated which meet different tastes and travel needs. Are you curios to know more? For instance, properties are available in the renowned 5th arrondissement in the Latin Quarter, also known as the Left Bank; in the 3rd arrondissement which is the vibrant district where you can feel the authentic Parisian atmosphere, and discover the real Paris, or in the 12th arrondissement for those fond of history. These are just a few examples that give you a flavor of the variety of properties currently available.

If we have not managed to convince you yet, for all those who will book a stay with us of at least two nights will get a discount of 10% by simply adding the code “Paris16“, the action applies to  all available apartments and valid until the end of 2016.

Can’t you wait to go to Paris? Book with us, Parisflatlist is the place to be to make an unforgettable stay in the city of fashion and love.

For more information do not hesitate to call us at (+33)6 20 36 59 23 or to email us

And of course here you are the link to the newly fresh revamped website:

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