Stolen Credit Card Being Carried In Wallets Without Owners Knowledge Claims RFID Wallet Manufacturer

With RFID Theft Your Credit May Have Been Stolen Without Your Knowledge

It may seem like a silly question to ask but asking if your credit card has been stolen usually meant a quick check in your wallet and simple reply. However, with the introduction of new technology that allows you to make instant contactless payments using your card, the answer is no longer that simple.

New technology seems to enter our lives at an alarmingly fast rate and knowing what we are using and what is new is becoming increasingly difficult for many people to keep pace with. One such example is how new RFID technology has been added to your credit cards making them ready for use with the new contactless payment systems now available in many stores. Does anybody remember when their cards starting carrying a microchip that sent a signal out into the ether? Did anybody ask our permission? And most importantly for all of us, is the technology safe to use?

Before trying to answer these questions let us first look at what RFID technology is. RFID stands for radio frequency identification. It is a signal being constantly emitted from a microchip in your card with your account details. In fact all the information required to allow a scanning device to be able to authorise the payment of funds from your account without you having to have your card swiped and enter a PIN number.

Credit cards companies say that the technology is safe and that your details are encrypted but recent investigations by reporters have shown that the ability to read the details with scanning equipment available to purchase on the internet may leave you vulnerable to have your details stolen without you ever knowing.

This recent investigative report video shows just how easy it was to obtain the sensitive card information.

Having established the threat, it may be wise to let you know that a simple solution is at hand. Using a wire mesh arrangement known as a Faraday cage it is possible to block the signal that your credit cards emit make them unreadable as shown in the video. The RFID blocking technology is also now available built into a designer all leather wallet for men made by Hugh B Hamilton.

A spokesperson for the company explained, “Our first priority is to get the information out to the public that there is a risk. The vast majority of people still are unaware about RFID technology and the risks associated with it. The fact that there is a simple solution is mute if people do not know there is a problem to begin with.”

The Hugh B Hamilton RFID blocking wallet for men is a stylish black all leather design wallet that holds six credit card plus an additional slot for ID and sleeve for cash. The wallet is sold exclusively on Amazon USA and Ebay AUS. For a limited period of time the wallet can be purchased at a considerable discount to its RRP, (recommended retail price).


Hugh B. Hamilton are a family firm of manufacturers and distributors of RFID blocking devices including the RFID blocking wallet for men, sold exclusively on Amazon (US) and eBay Australia.

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