Album ‘American Ghost Stories’ by The Bonazzoli continues to woo the music lovers

The Bonazzoli band, formed by Matthew Bonazzoli and Patrick Thompson are amazed by the accolades for their 2013 release American Ghost Stories. The album has received a great response from music lovers as well as critics who have called the record “The best album to come out of the Indie scene in decades” and “an artistic triumph”.

The band, now joined by Damian Bonazzoli on guitar have promoted their album as highly unique and nothing like audiences have heard before.  It is a mashup of rock, country, swing and blues or as pianist Patrick Thompson likes to say “The best of 20th Century music blended into a 21st Century alternative.  The Ghost Stories album conceptually is a musical tribute to old time radio thriller shows and the golden era of radio by featuring thrills, suspense, chills, romance and more.

Matthew Bonazzoli has been writing, performing and recording music for over 25 years and after studying voice to perfect his techniques he discovered and developed his unique style which could be called a mix of 1950s Sun Records and the Rat Pack.  His first recordings were with the alternative hard rock band Innocent Victim which he developed with his brother, guitarist Damian Bonazzoli.  Later on, Matthew went on to work on his own and created his next band, Gearhead. The music of this band combined modern rock with 1960s acid rock along with a smooth Roy Orbison vocal technique and catchy lyrics.

The band Gearhead gained a large following and performed all over the New England club circuit from late 1990 until 2004.  The band also recorded two award-winning albums and went on to win titles such as Artist of the year 1999, Live Act of the year 2002 and Album of the year 2001.  In the same period, Matthew and Damian also recorded an album of mostly acoustic arrangements named Fragments and scored two independent films.

Matthew moved to Florida in 2004 where he met jazz pianist Patrick Thompson. After a few jam sessions the two realized they had something unique.   Patrick’s love of hot jazz and swing from the 1920s through 1940s bumped Matthew’s Gearhead sound into its next evolution.   

The duo worked for two years on new music and recorded the first Bonazzoli band album called ‘Quiet Little Towns’ in 2009. The album proved their concept with songs based on hints of rock, blues, country and swing.

Following the amazing response received by ‘American Ghost Stories’ the band is currently working on their next album which is set to be released in 2016.  

The American Ghost Stories album is available on CD or can be downloaded from CDBaby, Amazon or iTunes.

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