Leading Free Spiritual Magazine Offers Hypnotherapy And Alternative Health Professional Low-Cost Advertising

The popular magazine provides a perfect opportunity for alternative health professionals including hypnotherapists, weight loss and fitness experts, stress and anxiety experts and life coaches to advertise to a dedicated audience

Thrive On New Spiritual Magazine founded by popular Australian psychic medium Ian Scott, has become one of the leading online specialist magazines on the Internet. The founder of the magazine has now announced he is offering advertising opportunities from $11 per month. The readership continues to grow on a daily basis, providing professionals with a dedicated audience to get their message out.

The magazine that has been running for three years is available to read online, via computer or mobile devices. It provides important news, tips, and advice, as well as interesting articles. It is free to read and continues to expand to make it one of the largest dedicated magazines on the Internet.

With the various sections, and with the huge readerships, alternative health professional and hypnotherapists have a perfect opportunity to gain low-cost advertising while achieving high results. There are different advertising opportunities available including ad-editorial. These opportunities provide the advertiser with a positive way to get their message out there to their target market without breaking their budget.

A spokesman for Thrive On New Spiritual Magazine said: “With our large readership, we have become an important resource for alternative health and hypnotherapy professionals wishing to attract new clients. We keep our advertising costs low to help support the growth of the magazine.”

Thrive On New Spiritual Magazine is heavily promoted to increase their reader, which provides advertisers with more new potential clients on a daily basis.

The magazine covers all topics including Color meanings, Star signs, and Herbs. To read the online Spiritual Magazine, please visit https://thriveonnews.com or to learn more about advertising please visit https://www.patreon.com/thriveonnews?ty=h

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