China YaRui Chemical to Promote Industry-Grade Solvents through Polymer Production Trade Fairs

Zhang Jia Gang YaRui Chemical Co. Ltd, often dubbed as China YaRui Chemical, recently declared that they are going to promote their industry-grade solvents by participating in polymer production trade fairs.

In a bid to promote their top-quality chemical solvents and other specialty products, China based Zhang Jia Gang YaRui Chemical Co. Ltd recently announced that they are going to participate in a couple of industrial trade fairs across China and overseas to promote their solvents. On behalf of the company, a media officer told the press that the low-toxicity Triethyl Phosphate and Dimethyl Thio-Toluene Diamine (DMTDA) products have already created some traction in targeted markets in and outside China. They said that they want to promote three products, namely Dimethyl Thio-Toluene Diamine, Triethyl Phosphate and Diethyl Toluene Diamine, by joining trade fairs where investors and manufacturers meet and greet each other.

The media officer also told the press that Zhang Jia Gang YaRui Chemical Co. has already adopted an aggressive marketing strategy for capturing a larger offshore market stake in the second and third quarters of the current financial year.

“Many of our specialty products serve multiple purposes. For example, the Triethyl Phosphate can be used as a catalyst for preventing polymerization of the fiber discoloration effect. At the same time, it can be used as a solvent and also as a stabilizer. On the other hand, the Triethyl Phosphate has also the properties of a resin agent,” said a product expert who demonstrates industry-grade products on behalf of the China based company for overseas investors.” The other two products we are planning to promote this year are also versatile in nature. We have also worked on our pricing policy so as to keep it at a competitive level,” added the executive.

According to the media officer and spokesperson, they have already short listed a number of trade fairs that are going to take place in the months to follow in different parts of China. “Though nothing has been finalized yet, we would like to participate in trade fairs of the likes of Chinaplas, China Composites Expo and China PEC. We believe we can meet the most prospective investors and clients in these trade fairs,” said the media officer before formally concluding the press conference.

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Zhang Jia Gang YaRui Chemical Co. Ltd is a China based manufacturer of industry-grade solvents.

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