Author Jane Zarse Inspires People In Her Book Love & Compassion Is My Religion

Jane Zarse pens down journey from the bottom of her life to the heights she’s at today in her new book “Love & Compassion Is My Religion”. It’s a motivational take on believing in God to get out from worst phases of life.

Chicago, IL, USA – April 21, 2016 – Life is never same for all. Some people can be sitting at the top of success while at the same time; some could go down the wrong path, take not-so-good decisions in life and end up as a mess. At such points, life starts seeming meaningless and future seems nothing but dark. At such times, a belief on God and his love can be the only way of getting out of that mess and rise as a better person and make a new start in life. This is what Author Jane Zarse is trying to inspirationally convey through her new book – “Love And Compassion Is My Religion”. The motivational book, which takes the readers through the extremes lows and highs of Author’s own life, is a positive take on her belief that God never stops loving people and doesn’t care about their religion or any other thing. His love can help them in rising again in their lives. To fill the same positivity in every reader’s heart is her aim through this book.

“I have been through the worse than the worst phases in my life. I have been at that point from where I could see no way out. But a faith on God and his love has made me what I am today and this is my story to inspire others,” Jane said.

The book, which is author’s attempt to motivate people through her own life experiences, has been written in a simple yet effective manner. Jane Zarse has penned down the darkest parts of her life to reach out to those people who think that there can be nothing worse than what they are going through. Her journey included all her phases, coming from the rich background, her alcoholism, drugs, self-destructive decisions in life and much more. Wrapped up in alcohol-infused daze, Jane had lost it all including her marriage, her mother and much more. “When you feel this lost, life becomes very dark, and it is impossible to see any way out. I remained focused on what a disaster I had made out of my life and couldn’t see past my horrible circumstances,” she said while letting people know the extreme lows of her life.

With her new book, Jane has honestly and beautifully presented her journey from a rich and successful start to a state of self-destruction and then with God’s love she earned her self-respect. Her book is her attempt to motivate people to believe in God even in the worst phases of their lives. “God’s love doesn’t depend on one’s religion or anything else. It is there if you believe and once you believe, it will take you out from the darkest of the pits in life,” she said.

“Love and Compassion Is My Religion” comes as an inspirational story that aims at motivating people. “The reason for my misery was that I lacked love, Love from God as I shut my doors for him. Once I opened them, I found peace. I started feeling good about myself and once you feel good about yourself, you start feel good about life too,” her book reads.

While people might have different views about God, especially in their darkest of times when everything start seeming meaningless, the book from Jane that depicts her own life changing experiences might be something to have a look at. “I think it can help anyone and everyone. Whether people are in a state of darkness or trying to find the true meaning of spirituality, my book can be something that can aid all of them as my experience with spirituality has changed me,” she said while talking about the probabilities of her book getting success in what it is being aimed at.

About Jane Zarse:

Jane was born in Lake Forest, Illinois. Coming from one the most prestigious communities of the area, she went on to attend Boston University. This is her debut book and her attempt at motivating people and taking them towards positivity by believing in God’s Love. In her words –
“Trust God, love yourself and others, and stay at peace… and you will take the world by the tail.”

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