Copyfight today announced the immediate availability of Copyfight Preview, a beta release of its much anticipated copy protection solution. This breakthrough tool empowers publishers and authors to deliver protected content, quickly and easily. Whenever a new technology arrives, it typically evokes a flurry of questions and predictions about what it will do as a long awaited solution.

Over the years, the duration of copyright protection has been dramatically lengthened, but the principle remains that authors may only enjoy their rights over publication and duplication for a certain number of years. Once this time has elapsed, their work enters the public domain and can be freely duplicated by anyone. Copyright law attempts to ease a fundamental tension inherent in the act of publication. Now authors can control their work after handing it to the public. How do you give someone a valuable resource and prevent them from exploiting it? As these authors and their industries contribute greatly both to the cultural and economic health, their survival must be protected.

The way consumers access and view content has undergone major changes. Publishers and distributors, along with individual creative writers like bloggers, are under increasing pressure to find new ways to create, deliver and monetize content. They must also adapt to rapidly evolving technology advancements and new delivery formats. The sharing on the internet has led publishers and distributors of textual content to view their customers as growing threats to their survival. Copyfight is filling a void with their copy protection solution, providing a 100% guaranteed textual copy protection. Publishers have always wanted a solutions that was based on such guarantee. From the perspective of the user, the Copyfight software is almost invisible, except that when viewing a document the consumer will not be able to use certain commands. Typically, the “copy,” “print,” “cut,” “paste” and “save as” commands.

There are several big technological advances in the Copyfight solution, one of the biggest is the textual content protection at source code level. Copyfight distinguish itself not relying on client scripting technology. That’s not such a surprise in itself, but what is a surprise is the step forward this protection represents, not just in one area but several. Those who thought Anti-plagiarism had had its day may have to think again. The applications are even more impressive, some are: Anti-spam, anti-scraping and anti-harvesting. While the applications are impressive in themselves, the ability to protect textual content is both a major technological advance and a major selling point.

It is the Copyfight software that prevents copying, and it is the encryption technology that makes the data useless once duplicated, it is these elements working in concert that allow some activities possible and others impossible. In fact, the technological innovation is not copy protection, but a more powerful assurance that this complex arrangement will be necessary and enforce a trusted system.



To demonstrate the Copyfight copy protection please enter a URL of the page you wish to see protected and click Submit. You will be redirected to a page where you can try to copy the content.


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