Innovative new product for backpackers and other “travel light” campers provides a completely organized multi-function camp kitchen that weighs only 7 ounces

GrubHubUSA Launches New CIRQUE Backpack Kitchen with Kickstarter Campaign

Leeds, UT – April 21, 2016 – GrubHubUSA solved many camper’s problems with the Grub Hubcamp kitchen that has sold over 1,000 units shipped to customers in the U.S., Canadaand other countries around the world. 

Focusing their innovative and quality oriented solutions on backpacking and minimalist travel the companynow introduces an ultra-light backpack kitchen. The company founder, Joe Baughman, says the new product “is an obvious and long overdue solution once you see it.” The patent pending CIRQUE has been well received by outdoor enthusiasts such as backpackers and motorcycle camperswho are purchasing them ahead of production after an initial sneak preview.  

The CIRQUE is intended to meet the needs of backpack, motorcycle, canoe, kayak and other “travel light” campers by accomplishing 4 tasks in a single light weight unit. 

First it increases stove efficiency and reduces fuel consumption by providing a wind screen. The second benefit is protecting the stove and cooking pot from being inadvertently knocked over by wind, people or pets.  The CIRQUE then includes a removable organizer to keep cooking necessities such as condiments, lighter, scrubber and utensilsoff the ground and at hand. (The organizer may be easily removed when traveling in bear country, and stashed in the bear box, leaving the base unit in place.) The fourth function is the product zips itself into a gear storage bag to transport the typical backpack stove, cooking pot, fuel canister and cooking essentials. 

Mr. Baughman says the new CIRQUE is rugged enough for any outdoor environment but backpackers and other minimalist campers “will really appreciate the quality, detail and functionality that are built into it while weighing only 7 ounces.” The product will be available exclusively through Kickstarter until May 16, 2016 wherebackers can enjoy introductory pricing and other rewards while supporting the inventor.

About GrubHubUSA

GrubHubUSA is located in the greater St. George, Utah area where exploring the southwest mountains and canyons provides the inspiration for developing exceptionally functional and reliable gear.  GrubHubUSA was founded in 2004 and offers its products online and through a select list of storefront retailers. Additional Grub Hub® brand products under development include the new “Wash” personal organizer, “Food Chain” that provides modular storage for backpack meals and a gravity fed water delivery system.

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