Breathtakingly Powerful Film “A Raven’s Cry” Tells Story of Sexually Abused Child Who Overcomes Her Pain to Confront Her Abuser

Child sexual abuse is an almost unspeakable horror that shackles victims with guilt, pain and grief for years to come. While some are capable of healing, many are not, and for those who suffer without relief, theirs is often a story of self-abuse, addiction or suicide. New film “A Raven’s Cry,” examines the victimization of a young girl, Raven, by a visitor in the midst of her family. Years later, after finally uncovering her repressed memories, Raven is finally able to come face to face with her abuser, leading to an explosive confrontation.

Created and produced by Angela Beckefeld, “A Raven’s Cry” is inspired by Angela’s own childhood abuse. Like the film protagonist, Angela has struggled with her own repressed memories and chronic depression. This cinematic masterwork combines her own artistic expression with a lifetime of powerful emotions. As the lead actress, Angela’s heartrending performance will surely earn her the attention of the film community, accolades from film lovers, and the gratitude of abuse victims.

“A Raven’s Cry” was created by a team of Hollywood and Chicago veterans including Executive Producer Brian McCormick, Director Doug McDade, Co-Director/Producer/Composer Jeton Murtishi, and Director of Photography Alex Halstead. This award-winning production team has produced many of the most entertaining, powerful features, television shows and short films in recent memory, including “Fallen Star”, “The Expanse” and “CUTEeGRL.”

This is an ambitious project and worthy of your support, which is why Angela and the production team is asking the public to help finance it. They have sponsored a fundraising campaign to secure the $25,000 needed for cast, crew, equipment rental, props, wardrobe, makeup and sets. In return for your generous support, you can get valuable perks like “Thank You” credits in the film, digital copies, posters, Associate Producer credits, Producer credits, Executive Producer credits, a day on the set, or Cooperate Sponsorship.

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