Critter Stuff Creates Long Lasting Pet Accessories Highlighted on Modern Living with kathy ireland

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Los Angeles, CA – April 22, 2016 — Critter Stuff, a US company committed to top of the line products for critter totespet clothing, and more, is a featured company segment on Modern Living with kathy ireland.

During the segment, Kathy Ireland interviewed owner and designer, Deborah Collins.

Deborah Collins commented on challenges that humans encounter when trying to pamper their pets. She said, “I think one of the biggest challenges is finding things in your size that are appropriate in the dog size as well as a quality product. There are a lot of products out there that are made overseas that are not very good quality and are not going to last through washing and much wear. We try to have an answer to that.”

Deborah Collins continued by discussing what is unique about Critter Stuff products. She said, “Critter Stuff products are made to the highest degree of quality. They are made as well as people clothes and in some cases better. We don’t have any loose seams in the products and everything is enclosed. For example, in our Critter Tote, you will not find an unfinished seam. They are made to last for the pet as well as ease of use for the owner. We like to focus on functionality as well as design.”

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The Vice President of Programming, JL Haber was quoted stating, “As a pet lover myself, I cannot wait to get some Critter Stuff products. These seem to be very well made and will last a long time.”

Tune in to see Critter Stuff on Bloomberg International on April 24, 2016at 8:00am CET.

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