GWG Life Wants To Educate Seniors about Life Insurance Options on Modern Living with kathy ireland

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Los Angeles, CA,  April 22, 2016 — GWG Life, an industry-leading company offering life insurance solutions for seniors, is a featured company segment on Modern Living with kathy Ireland.

On the segment, kathy ireland interviewed Michael Freedman, President of GWG Life.

Michael Freedman explained why seniors who no longer want, need, or can afford their life insurance policy should consider selling it on the secondary market. He said although the Supreme Court ruled over 100 years ago that everyone has the right to sell  their policy, the modern market is just developing today. He also noted that life insurance companies really don’t want policy holders to know they have the ability to sell their policy for full market value, which can be up to 8 times more than the cash surrender value offered by the life insurance company.

He also commented on what his company is doing to help raise awareness of this secondary market for life insurance and the benefits it provides to seniors. He said, “The real key is to educate the public and GWG is taking a leadership role in educating consumers. We are reaching out to seniors, their families, and their financial advisors and other professionals.”

Learn more about the company on the upcoming segment of Modern Living with kathy ireland.

The Vice President of Programming, JL Haber was quoted stating, “It is sad that this information has not been brought to the public yet but we commend GWG Life on being at the front of the change.”

 Tune in to see GWG Life on Bloomberg International on April 24, 2016at 3:00pm HKT.

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