Airwheel, a senior and authority brand of intelligent Personal Transport Vehicle, becomes the focus on Canton Fair

Speaking of intelligent transporting industry, Airwheel will be absolutely the leader all around the world. On 15th, April, 2016, Airwheel showed up in the 119th Canton Fair in Guangzhou and exhibited each series of its self-balancing scooters and the latest products at booth No. 12.1 J03.

The Canton Fair, also called China Import and Export Fair, attracts thousands of best foreign trade companies with good credibility and sound financial capabilities, and 500 overseas companies to participate in the Fair. Airwheel, the global leader in intelligent transporting industry, also came to exhibit with its humanized and practical products.

intelligent helmet

Business people from all over the world are gathering in Guangzhou, exchanging business information and developing friendship. Airwheel is also willing to exchange ideas with elites in every walk of life with its sincere products. On this Fair, Airwheel exhibited the service robot S9, two wheel electric walkcar S8, razor scooter for adults Z5 and the helmet for Extreme sports C3/C5 and aroused a large number of visitors concern.

Among all the new products, Z5 and S8 seem to be similar to the last generation products. However, the optimization on the design of details, in fact, can make big changes for more convenient and practical riding experience. Z5 foldable electric scooter for adults, on the one hand, do optimization on the folding joints in order to make it easy to carry. On the other hand, it also takes the arc of handrails, height of the body and the location of pedals into consideration. While S8 double-wheels electric scooter gets promotion on the appearance. The C-shape control lever lifts the operating experience on turning and the 10 inches tyres makes it adaptable for more road conditions.

custom motorcycle helmets

Next is the noticeable service robot Airwheel S9. It can achieve human-computer interaction and realize the automatic obstacle avoidance, path planning and other functions. Most importantly, S9 wheeled robot will own lots of functions after installing separate plug-in in the near future.

Throughout each product exhibited by Airhweel on the Canton Fair, it is not hard to see that each product has their distinguished features that show up in the streets, wild places or act as the cool or cute companion.

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