Is There Sugar In Salt? A Recent Study Reveals There May Be Sugar In Certain Types Of Salt

Salt is known as the original seasoning, all you need is a pinch. Iodized salt is what typically fills salt shakers across America. But would you think twice about using your iodized table salt if you knew it was a hidden source of corn-based sugar?

Did you know that if you buy your salt without knowing the brand behind it, you may have sugar in your salt as well as other additives?  To those who do not know, dextrose is in fact an ingredient in iodized salt.  Many Americans are looking for ways to get healthier and eat cleaner.  The best place to start is by reading the nutrition facts and list of ingredients.  Hidden sugar is a red flag that the product is not a quality product. 

While some sugars are naturally occurring, if it is on the ingredients list – it is added sugar.  Sugar in typical iodized table salt is disguised with the technical name of dextrose.  It is a corn-based sugar, which is the lowest quality.

Iodine was first added to salt in 1924 to counteract an iodine deficiency threat.  Thyroid issues were a common ailment manifesting as a result of being deficient in iodine.  Iodine deficiency is actually still growing since developing iodized salt in 1924.  Researchers analyzed samples of iodized table salt and more than half of the tested samples did not contain sufficient amounts of iodine to be relied on for optimal health.

Not just any type sea salt will do; unrefined sea salt is the perfect ingredient.  It contains naturally occurring trace minerals and micro-nutrients, including iodine.  It is unrefined and not altered like typical table salt.  Typical table salt contains additives, such as aluminum compounds to prevent caking! 

Real salt from Salts Worldwide does not contain these unnecessary agents; black truffle sea salt is free of any harmful additives and is worth its weight in gold.  It is a type of unrefined sea salt that is highly sought after by vegans due to the unique amounts of protein it contains from the real black truffles.

Unrefined sea salt is kosher grade and gourmet food quality; with the recent spike in popularity surrounding pink Himalayan salt, it is important to ensure that when you buy Himalayan salt it is kosher quality; this goes a long way to ensure its natural quality and chemical composition.

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