AnthiumTV Is The New Worldwide Standard For Music Video Television

AnthiumTV is the new standard for music video television.  AnthiumTV is the ONLY music video channel that actually plays videos, without any talking, reality shows, commercials or anything else to distract the viewer from the music.

AnthiumTV is available worldwide on ROKU Television, and plays the music videos of the greatest independent artists on the planet. Remember when MTV actually played music videos, well AnthiumTV is answer to all music lovers looking to see and hear their favorite bands on television.

AnthiumTV is laid out just like Netflix, so music lovers can choose the videos they want to see by genre, or play the videos on the random jukebox and hear all genres mixed together. AnthiumTV plays music videos in the Rock, Alternative, Punk, Jam, Pop, Metal, Americana, Country, Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, Blues, Jazz, Adult Contemporary, Singer/Songwriter and EDM genres. All artists have an equal opportunity to get played, and fans can watch their favorite videos over and over again, which  drives sales of your record all around the world.

Not only is AnthiumTV the only real music video channel in the world, AnthiumTV supports independent artists, and everyone can submit their music channel for consideration to be played on television worldwide.

AnthiumTV has over 18 million daily viewers as seen on ROKU and soon to be coming to Direct TV and the Dish Network. Music Videos are a fantastic way to promote your music, gain fans and sell records. AnthiumTV is the premier television channel for music videos worldwide. No reality shows, just music videos for the people who miss the days of watching great videos from the hottest artists in the business.

AnthiumTV on ROKU has over 800,000 subscribers to date and is growing everyday. AnthiumTV can be seen worldwide including the United States, France, Mexico, Ireland, Canada and the UK. AnthiumTV has been featured in countless media outlets such as The Daily News, BBC, The New York Times and Businessweek.

“The most talked about music video channel in the business today! A music video channel that actually plays and supports independent artists!” – The Channel Magazine

AnthiumTV is now accepting music video submissions for independent musicians looking for REAL exposure. All you have to do is log onto  and click on the submit tab and send us your video. Get your music out to the masses on a video channel that supports independent artists with 18 million daily viewers.

Join the independent music revolution and get your videos seen around the world today!

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