New eBook, “Losing Baby Weight The Easy Way” Offered Free Online by Amazon Kindle

The new eBook from Anabelle Munro helps new mums and everyone else get into shape for good so they can enjoy happier, more fulfilling relationships with their bodies. It’s available free of charge for a limited time from

The New Self Help Product, “Losing Baby Weight The Easy Way”, officially launched on April 19, 2016 and is now ready for download on any device.

“Losing Baby Weight the Easy Way” is based on Anabelle’s own experience as an entertainment professional and mother of two and gives away her own realistic tips for slimming down fast while staying happy, healthy and glowing.

“After giving birth to both of my babies, I realized that I was on to something when other mothers kept asking me for my “secret” to bouncing back into shape so quickly. The truth of the matter is that losing weight is indeed a conscious process and doesn’t ‘just happen to the lucky ones with good genes’. I have tried to be as honest, yet as easy-going as possible; I personally despise complicated recipes with ingredients no one has in the pantry and strenuous exercises that no new mum could ever do at home.” Munro’s easy approach to losing weight isn’t just for new mums, Hollywood, or even women only. New dads who have “supported” their wives by getting a bigger belly themselves, can put her advice to use too.

Anyone who has tried to diet knows the power of the subconscious in driving negative behaviors, even after one has consciously decided to end them. “Worrying about our weight and shape, or feeling bad about ourselves during this precious, joyous time is saddening and unnecessary,” says Munro. “I am a huge supporter of the easy way. You might even call it the “lazy” way, but trust me: being a mum is where our efforts are placed best. What I have summed up for you is the best of everything that helped me to get back in shape, and I can’t wait to share it with you.”

The eBook, “Losing Baby Weight the Easy Way” includes tips on how to eat, how to exercise and how to stick to it. Munro strongly emphasizes that success in long-term weight loss is a team effort and mindset.

Losing Baby Weight The easy Way isavailable for instant download from for $2.99; Kindle Unlimited subscribers can read it for free.

About Anabelle Munro, eBook Author

Anabelle Munro, actress, model, filmmaker, entrepreneur, wife and mother of two, instills passion into every aspect of her life. On her journey from accomplished childhood dancer, singer, tennis player and rowing champion to collegiate athlete and professionally trained actress, Anabelle built a strong base of experience and knowledge in exercise, nutrition, womanhood and the arts.

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