Raises Voice Against Gender Inequality in Latin America is an organization that intends to fight against gender inequality in the entire Latin America. The organization, which has been vocal about a lot of women rights and issues, recently launched a press meet with the local media to discuss some of the facts, numbers and serious concerns regarding the bias against women. has been one of the loud voices in Latin America against all forms and levels of gender inequality. The organization has worked at various levels, often raising a strong voice against the situation, especially in South America. The top team of members from the organization wanted to discuss the aspects of the same with the media, for which a small press meet was held.

One of the leaders of the protest group of started by giving numbers, adding that although gender inequality is evident in most parts of the globe, situation of women in Latin America is pretty grim. Around 40% of women in these countries have faced violations of different kinds, and despite the honest efforts of the government to implement new policies, things haven’t changed much. She stressed on the need to educate men in the region, because their derogatory approach is one of the main reasons behind gender inequality.

The team of also stressed on the issues of women in most spheres and branches. With the increasing population in Latin America, the number of jobs are limited. One of the team members also added that many women are forced to work as sex workers to meet the financial essentials, which has exposed them to many diseases and STDs.

The organization also stressed the media to focus on these issues, including lack of proper education or business opportunities, which are one of the major concerns. Citing numbers, team members also said that women only get around 60-70% of the wages received by men, and the numbers may vary, although not in a good way. Many members also came down heavily on the Catholic Church, which has an influence on the region and abortion is still a crime, except for Cuba. The team also talked of their website –, which will help in expressing their views to more people around the world.

The Latin American women’s movement intends to explore and check on many of these issues with a strong voice. The team asked the press to cover these issues, with a hope that these issues will be tackled in real ways and change will be evident with time. Domestic violence, harassment, and femicide were some of the other issues talked by the team at the special meet.

About is the team behind Latin American women’s movement, which intends to get rid of gender inequality, which is one of the major concerns in the region. Their website,, is one of their efforts to reach more people, so as to influence change with time and shifting attitudes. The idea is to help women get their rights, and the team behind the movement is univocal on this aspect alone.

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