Airwheel intelligent Standing electric bicycle new gadgets were highly touted on the China Import and Export Fair

China Import and Export Fair, also know as Canton Fair, with a successful operation of 118 sessions since its inauguration in the spring of 1957, was praised by national leaders. On 15th April, 2016, it welcomed the 119th sessions successfully. Airwheel, the global leading intelligent vehicle manufacturer, attended the grand gathering with its sincere products and devoted itself to make people live a free life with Airwheel intelligent companion.

It is reported that the China Import and Export Fair Complex presented a very busy scene from 15th April, 2016. The reporters noticed that there were numerous of international enterprises who showed up on the Canton Fair and displayed their latest products to global consumers, Airwheel Technology is also included. Airwheel, as the global leading intelligent life provider, aims to create more and more intelligent vehicles for making people live a free life. Airwheel starts with the practical electric scooter and the user experience. Each new product and each improvement must be on the basis of bring people real convenience.

electric scooter for adults

Riding electric scooter is not only about joy, but also the security. Airwheel designed the smart helmets C3/C5 to riders for safeguarding their riding. Different from the common helmets, they can help its maters to pick up phone calls and take photographs or videos. C3’s appearance is really welfare for delivery workers while C5 helmet is very helpful for those who love Extreme sports.

People are probably very familiar with Airwheel S and Z series, for example S6, S5, Z3 etc. On the exhibition, Airwheel also showcased the new generation products, S8 and Z5. Noticeably the optimization treatment on the details attracted much attention, such as the C-shape control lever and 10-inch tyres of S8 double-wheels electric scooter and the headlight and taillight installed on the Z5 electric standing scooter.

razor electric scooter

The ambition of Airwheel is not limited to the intelligent electric scooters or hoverboards, it also stepped into the artificial intelligence field and owned the service robot S9, based on the self-balancing system. With the promotion of future’s plugins and software, S9 intelligent robots will be the assistant that can help you clean your room or it may make jokes for you when you seem not happy.

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