Albert Onkoba, an inspiring leader announces to start his new venture soon

Albert Onkoba, born on August 5th 1985, in Nanyuki Airfoce Base Kenya will be starting his new venture or business soon. He is an inspiring entrepreneur, a leadership expert and has a highly innovative personality. His aim is to provide support to the youngsters with new opportunities and help them discover their inner strengths to do well in their life.

KANSAS – 24 Apr, 2016 – Albert Onkoba is an inspiring entrepreneur and his Albert Onkoba Exporter is doing extremely well already. Now, he has decided to start a new venture focusing on the young generation especially so that they can get a platform to do something great out of their life. For youngsters it is certainly an honor to learn something from such an inspiring personality.  Albert Onkoba understands the core qualities of business and keeping that in mind, he has designed something unique for the youngsters, so they can enjoy working, get a chance to change their life and earn profit too. Every youngster is curious about this new project in the city.

The senior spokesperson of his Albert Onkoba Exporter threw light on the life of Albert Onkoba and his new venture. He said, “Albert Onkoba born  in Nanyuki Airfoce Base Kenya has a pleasing personality. Apart from his great looks he has a great story to share. Albert is a hardworking entrepreneur.  He is a proud graduate and shocker. Before, he came up with his business idea, he was working at Spirit Aerosystems/airlines and he excelled in his job. He learnt a lot from there and with his sharp mind and smart work; he designed an amazing business plan. Now he owns Albert Onkoba Exporter.”

The senior spokesperson further said, “Albert Onkoba is the oldest of 4 children born to Mary and Lawrence Onkoba. He grew up in various parts of Kenya Nanyuki, Nairobi and Keumbu, and attended Nyansiongo Boys High School. After graduating in 2004 on top his class, he proceeded to attend Wichita State University where he got his first bachelors degree.  His educational background is too strong and therefore he has the ability to come up with something unique each time. The best thing is he thinks out of the box and still in the interest of people. Albert is not just a good businessman but he plays different sports too, such as basketball, soccer and rugby. He is an all rounder and highly innovative when it comes to business. Surely, this new venture will be all the more interesting and profitable for everyone.”

As per all the sources, it is clear that Albert Onkoba is an inspiring enterprenuer and he has planned something valuable for the youngsters. This time his new venture will be all the more exciting as it is for the young people who often lose their path if they do not get the right guidance. Albert looks excited about his new venture and he is showing a lot of interest to help the individuals with his plans. Let’s see what Albert has to offer the individuals now. He has already achieved a lot in his life at the age of 30 and now he is all set to rise above the pack.

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