Purely Triton Limited Sponsors a Lecture On Massage Practices

LOS ANGELES, CA – 24 Apr, 2016 – Purely Triton Limited, a Hongkong-based company known for its Pocket Mini Massager, is sponsoring a lecture on massage therapy. Dr. David Kho, a popular medical practitioner from Singapore, and Miss Dianne king, a successful massage therapist from Singapore, will share their expertise on what massage therapy is all about and the best massage practices.

Their lectures on massage practices will cover topics such as harmful massage methods, myths about massage therapy, when to receive massages, do’s and don’ts during a massage session, the importance of having a  massage therapist team up with a medical doctor and why it’s essential for a massage therapist to undergo thorough training among other topics. Dr. David Kho and Miss Dianne King will also take up direct questions from the audience at the end of the session, each day of the event.

This 3-day-long program will continue from August 5 until August 7, 2016 (8am – 4pm) at Purely Triton Limited’s audio-visual room, ground floor Purely Triton building, 107 Cenacle Street, Singapore.

A FREE massage will also be given to the first 10 participants on each day of the event as well as a FREE demo on how to use Purely Triton’s Pocket Mini Massager will be shown. 

Purely Triton Limited has long been associated with charity events in different countries of Asia, Europe and North America. And this event is no different. The ‘Foundation for the Disabled’ in Singapore will benefit from this massage therapy awareness event, as 50% of the proceeds will be given to the foundation itself. 

“We want to step out of the business world and reach out to those communities that need immediate help. Through these types of charitable events, we’re only living the values our organization stands for,” says Hitoshi Hirano, CEO and founder at Purely Triton Limited.

467 tickets for the the event have been sold so far with around 740 remaining. If you want to reserve your seats at the event, you can buy tickets at their office located on the second floor of the same building or at a booth in the SM Mall downtown area. You may also choose to call their office at 800-852-5676 or 800-852 5677 for instant reservations.

For more information, you may call Julie, the company’s official representative, at 800-852-5676. You can also check updates on their website www.mypersonalmassager.com

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