Lintech presents its wide range of Automotive Video Safety Systems

Lintech Enterprises Ltd is a recognized supplier of a wide range of video display units that assists motorists in driving and parking vehicles with complete safety.

Side by side with the launching of highly advanced automobiles, the need to design safe vehicles in order to minimize accidents has also gathered widespread support. Accordingly, leading automobile manufacturers throughout the world have been coming up with motor vehicles that are equipped with cutting-edge safety systems. From airbags to anti-lock brakes, several groundbreaking automatic safety equipment and gadgets have enabled drivers to gain a better control of their means of transportation. These safety equipment and devices have contributed towards bringing down the frequency of collisions; rear-end impacts, and sudden crashes.

Alternatively, the need to provide motorists with a full 360˚ view of their vehicles as well as the surroundings while parking or driving has led to the development of enterprises that are engaged in designing an array of automotive safety technical video systems. These automotive video safety systems come to the aid of the drivers by giving them an increased awareness of the situations or circumstances around them regardless of whether they’re driving or in a stationary mode. These devices offer the motorist full view of the sides of the vehicles, the front, rear and even the nooks and crannies inside the vehicle which are missed by the naked eye.

Lintech Enterprise Ltd is one frontline company in China that vends in automotive safety video equipment including hidden car DVR, waterproof LCD monitor, and brake light camera.

The items the company deals in and supplies can be grouped under the following categories:

• Collision Mitigation and Averting Systems

• Flexible Cruise Control

• Electronic Scanning Radar

• Integrated Camera and Radar System

• Forward View Cameras

• Rear View Cameras

• Side View Cameras

• Lane Departure Alarm Systems

• Parking Assistance System

All the products come equipped with sophisticated features that literally do away with the motorist’s blind spot. Lintech makes all types of car safety cameras and waterproof LCD monitors, wired backup system, wireless backup modules, cables, hidden car DVR, VGA/HDMI monitor, CCTV test monitor, inspection scope camera, parking sensor system, Wi-Fi/IP Camera/GSM Camera, and accessories. Some of the latest products commercially released by the enterprise include the ‘water jet cleaning kit for truck backup cameras’, brake lights backup camera for IVECO Daily 2011-2014, ‘Wi-Fi hidden car DVR specially for Land Rover, ‘full-HD 1296P or 1080P special for Porsche Car Built-In Wi-Fi, and so on.

The products supplied and distributed by Lintech to its clients, both individuals as well as institutions have been vouchsafed for their worthiness. Needless to say, the company carries out extensive and stringent field tests of its products before they’re okayed for sale. For instance the waterproof LCD monitor is evaluated whether it is able to process video from several cameras and if the same is able to combine images to form a lone bird’s eye-view image that the driver can view while driving.

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Lintech Enterprises Ltd situated in Donguann City in Guangdong, China is a leading supplier of a comprehensive range of automotive safety video systems.

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