Seoul City Helps By ‘Pin Pointing’ Locations – Ladies Afraid of Walking Home Alone at Night

Seoul City, developing mobile apps that are helpful for women who commute home late at night.
when danger occurs, the apps help pin point the location and dispatch the police

The city of Seoul announced on the 7th, ‘Night Safety For Women Special City 2.0 Plan’ that outlined 16 plans including the idea of developing an application providing a night safety service for women as well as detecting hidden cameras in the public.

First, the city will launch an application providing a night safety service for women at the latest in September. It works as a One-Stop system where the surveillance cameras, installed in all the corners of all its districts, will be used with smart technology to rescue women from dangerous situations. The application is a One-Stop system including the rescue service.

For example, when a woman notices a suspicious situation, she opens the app and it will automatically pin point her location on the nearest district center’s status board.

The center then will monitor her location and once it detects a dangerous sign, her status will switch to Emergency Mode and the app will send out the nearest police officers.

The city plans to expand the service areas from five trial cities to all districts, expecting that the app’s Live recording feature will be very useful for investigating blind spots that surveillance camaras couldn’t catch in assault cases.

In addition, the city opens ‘Domestic Violence Hot Line’ this coming July. The city of Seoul will hire three experts in domestic violence to diagnos the victims and provide counseling, medical and legal help as well.

The city also formed a Safty Inspection Team to bust out the hidden camaras. The team searches for the hidden camaras in the public restrooms at subway stations, locker rooms and swimming pools using specialty equipment. It plans to hire two technicians per district, total of 50 technicians.

The city will furnish more stations for The Saftey Delivery Box For Women, where women can pick up their packages at designated safety centers, from 120 stations to 150 stations.  It will also designate 322 more report shelters totalling 1000 shelters, like where women can run into at night if dangerous situation occurs, for instance, inside of a convinient store and call them Woman Safety Shelter. 50 more subway security guards were hired to make the numbers total of 275 securities to protect Seoul ladies from night crimes.

Seoul Cheif of Woman and Family Policy, Um Gyu Sook, said “The city will reveal all the woman safety blind spots using smart technology with Night Safety for Women Special City 2.0 Plan, and will promote new policies to crack down on the hidden camaras and domestic violence.”

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