Google, PRWorldwire: First to Place the Strategic Stone Into 1.7 Billion Dollar Artificial Intelligence Market

Google and Korean Go gamers are benefitting after the historical tournament between human and machine, an Artificial Intelligence Computer AlphaGo and a legendary Go player Lee Se-dol.

Google already earned 1000 times more than the winning prize of 1 million dollars, through the invention of AlphaGo and promoting the historical match between AlphaGo and Lee Se-dol.

Google has a bright future in the AI field with a lot of interests in the AI from people in the world and with five more game matches to come that will be broadcasted worldwide.

AlphaGo has ‘Deep Learning’ feature which uses a complex system of machine learning and improves its own intelligence. Even if AlphaGo were to lose in the matches, its’ most advanced effort will lock its reputation as ‘World’s Leader of Artificial Intelligence’.

Experts expect the AI market to expand the size up to 2 billion dollars worth in 2025. Google has already made the efforts on AI development in medical and legal fields, so AlphaGo being recognized is the first potential step for the AI Market with Google being the pioneer.

Over 300 reporters from South Korea, China and Japan as well as Germany, USA and United Kingdom attended the conference with Lee Se-dol and AlphaGo and showed a massive interest on Google’s invention of the machine.

Plus, Google is broadcasting the match Live on YouTube. YouTube is a video sharing website which Google bought in 2006 and basically Google is killing two birds in one stone again.

Suddenly South Korean Go game caught the world’s biggest attention.

Go game has always been a world championship game but it usually had been a game between South Korean, Chinese and Japanese players.

Japanese Go gamers tried to spread the game throughout the European countries and the US, but it still stayed as a game between South Korean, Chinese and Japanese players.

However, all the foreign reporters seemed highly interested when they were asking the 9 Dan Lee Se-dol about the features of the game and they all visited the place of Go game’s origin, ‘Hanguk Kiwon’.

Inside of South Korea, Go game is gaining more and more attention as well. Webtoon, the drama ‘Misaeng’ and the drama ‘Answer me 1988’ were also booming along with Go game contents while AlphaGo match was catching a lot of people’s attention.

Between the Go gamers, they say that this is another chance to raise a player like Lee Se-dol just like they wished for a Lee Chang-ho kid.

Park Chi Moon Vice President said “the number of people who are interested in Go game has increased,” “Want the Go game to be introduced broadly.”

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