Top Camping Tips – A Guide to Preparing For Hike

MIDDLETOWN, DE – 25 Apr, 2016 – Hiking is yearly increasing in popularity as families and individuals discover this relatively inexpensive way to enjoy nature and get in shape. Comfort and safety are very important, and can be the difference between calling it quits after the first hike or pursuing many future outdoor adventures. The following gear list is suitable for an afternoon of exploring well-marked trails, with tips on how to cut down on initial cost.

Clothing – Leave the cotton clothes at home. Wear and take clothing that is produced using wool or synthetic material. These materials are still able to keep you warm when wet and dry quickly. Wet cotton can quickly chill you on even a cool summer day, leading to a risk of hypothermia.

Safety – Even on a short hike, a first-aid kit ought to be included in your backpack. It only takes an hour or two for a blister to begin to develop, or one tumble to scratch your knee. You may either put together your own first-aid kit or buy a ready-made one.

Water – Cool, crisp, refreshing. It really doesn’t matter how long your hike is when water is concerned. You just cannot survive without it. One thing that I have realized is, no trail is an easy walk. If you are not used to hiking, you will be surprised how fast you can become dehydrated. Sometimes the stimulus in the woods can distract you. The natural beauty of things can keep your mind occupied for hours. One thing people do not realize is how far they can walk when they are not thinking about walking. That is why it is a good idea to have water handy, preferably in a refillable bottle.

Unicorn Flask is a refillable purifying water bottle for outdoor recreation and travel with built-in Bacteria and Viruses filtration which eradicates approximately 99.9 % of waterborne bacteria and protozoa such as Escherichia coli, Vibrio bacteria, Leginonella bacteria, Stafylococcus aureus, Salmonella, etc. as well as heavy metals and chemical substances like lead and chlorinesystem.

The Unicorn Flask Lifesaver Water Filter Bottle gives you completely clean and drinkable water instantly including rain water, river water, well water, lake water and ground water without the usage of any external equipment. The inner layer of the Unicorn flask is odor, taste and stain resistance, therefore it can safely be reused again and again.

With the capacity of 22 fl .oz / 650 ml and weight of 270 grams / 0.6 lb, the Unicorn Flask with Carabiner is perfect for everyday use by hikers, outdoor adventurers, campers and individuals living or staying in areas questionable water quality as it is a lifesaver bottle and ideal hiking gear for men and women. The Carabiner would be plenty strong to hold a full bottle of water if strapped to a back pack or elsewhere.

As soon as the mind catches up with your feet, you will definitely enjoy that bottle of water as if it is the last one on earth.

Footwear – It will be great to start your hiking adventures in a good pair of running shoes or boots that fit well, but as the length and difficulty of your hikes increase, together with the load on your back, you will want to get a good pair of hiking shoes/boots that will support your ankles. Unfortunately, hiking footwear will most likely be the most expensive part of your initial investment, but this is not the place to economize on quality and fit for the sake of cost.

Backpack – Lastly, you will need something to carry all you are not wearing. Any backpack you have in your home will serve the purpose until you find something you prefer much better. Hip belts and chest straps are nice and add to carrying comfort, but they are not necessary for a light load. Again, watch for store sales, the classifieds and perhaps even the thrift shops for an affordable backpack.

Well, so there you have it; you are now ready to have fun on your next hiking trip. The above is a list of physical items you need to start hiking, but perhaps more important than all the right gear is a positive attitude.


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