Announcing the Samsung VR, model SM-R322

Samsung VR is the future.
In 2016, vivid and palpable virtual reality is finally here. Enjoy it in amazingly stunning Super AMOLED Display.

Samsung VR works seamlessly with all new Samsung Galaxy phones such as the Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+ and Note 5.

With a comfortable and sleek lightweight design, Samsung VR will transport you to your own virtual adventure. Enjoy an abundance of fun and interactive games as well as beautiful video watching through providers such as Netflix and Vimeo. There are also hundreds of movies to check out in the Oculus Cinema. Only from Samsung can you enjoy home entertainment like this.

Weighing only 318 grams, it adds no extra bulk and is pleasantly light. Samsung VR really strives to make the user comfortable while enjoying your own private reality. Comfort is an absolute must, don’t you think? That’s why Samsung worked so hard to make this model 19% lighter than the previous version.

If you are a fun loving game enthusiast, almost anything is possible with the Samsung Gear VR. You can have exciting battles with monsters from the undead to missions on alternate planets. The opportunities are virtually endless.

While we all can enjoy going to the movie theater, having your own personal theater at the push of a few buttons is an amazing feature that Samsung VR offers all of us.

Communicate with friends and family in a totally new way. Long distance can feel so much closer with Samsung VR.

Samsung VR takes you right to the moment without leaving the comfort of where you are. Take a seat and enjoy the beautiful and innovative technology. With unique motion robotics, you will travel to new possibilities.

With Samsung VR, explore your world like never before.

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