Qualityherb.net Brought Benefits of Kudzu Root Extract, Icariin, and Red Yeast Rice Powder to Consumers

Quality Herb, a research and development firm from China, recently brought a range of less known herbal extracts and natural supplements to the consumers in China and abroad.

Qualityherb.net, the online trading window of Xuancheng Quality Herb Co, Ltd, recently announced that they have brought a whole range of herbal extracts that can provide all-round nourishment to people looking for alternative cures and medicines. The owners said that the herbal extracts that they handpicked and processed in their laboratory have been in use in certain societies through the ages but are little known outside the peripheries of those societies. They also revealed that the kudzu root extract, red yeast rice powder and some other herbal extracts that they are offering now are completely unknown to the western

“We have carefully selected the herbs that have been in use in ancient societies for so many years. Our researchers have travelled the length and breadth of the Dabieshan Mountain range in China in search of the essential herbs and they have finally been able to bring all the benefits of Icariin and other extracts to our consumers,” said Andy Bee, a spokesperson on behalf of Qualityherb.net. “Currently we produce health food products, nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical products and beverages for our consumers. All these produces are made of herbal extracts that are very hard to find out. Thanks to our research and development team who have worked relentlessly to find out the best herbs,” she added.

Qualityherb.net was set up in 2013 with an aim to effectively identify, develop and commercially produce natural supplements and alternative medicines that have rarely found yet highly powerful natural herbs as their key ingredients. The owners of the Anhui province based pharmaceutical research firm told the press that they want to bring more innovative products such as natural supplements that comprise of red yeast rice powder and the likes in the future.

“Our aim is to provide our consumers with the latest herbal supplements and herbal extracts. We will keep up the research and development work that happens to be our key strength. In every two to four years, we plan to launch a new product,” said the CEO of Qualityherb.net during a press conference held here in Xuancheng.

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