Top Digital Marketing Consultant Gireesh C Samrat Announces Customized Packages

Gireesh C Samrat, who is a known and celebrated digital marketing consultant, recently announced a whole range of packages for new and prospective clients, focusing on elements of customization. Mr. Samrat recently invited some of the local media for a fun lunch session, where he discussed many aspects of digital marketing in detail, with respect to objectives and needs of clients.

Gireesh C Samrat is an acknowledged name in digital marketing in India, with experience of working with clients across a number of niches and industries. Apart from his own extensive expertise, he also has a team of dynamic, skilled and experienced professionals, who work under his supervision.

Mr. Gireesh C Samrat and his team were recently at their promotional event with the press, and the team talked about their services. As an online marketing consultant with years of experience, Mr. Samrat started with the need for digital marketing for modern businesses. He added that businesses need marketing efforts that are specifically catered for the web, so as to tap on the advantages of online market.

His marketing team lead added that the company is all set to offer special packages for new customers, which will be customized for the needs of the concerned website and business. He added that the team has already revised the current plans, and the pricing for new packages will be more dynamic in nature. Mr. Samrat, who will be supervising all the different plans, will address to all new clients personally and will offer a detailed analysis of their current website and business marketing efforts.

Mr. Gireesh C Samrat has proficiently worked in industries like health care & wellness, hospitality, education & training, jewelry, lifestyle, travel and tourism, entertainment and real estate among others, and with the new plans, he intends to expand more. The team added that the focus is to meet the expectation of customers with real results, which will be scalable for all digital marketing plans.

Adding to the services, Mr. Samrat will also offer digital marketing training as a part of his expansion plans for the enthusiasts who want to venture in online marketing. The team has announced that training programs will be designed in line with the current trends and patterns, so that learners can benefit from different growing branches of online and digital marketing.

With so many new dimensions, packages and plans for customers and learners alike, Mr. Samrat and his team are surely looking to capture more markets and regions. As a part of the efforts, the team also added that investments are being considered for bettering customer effort with dedicated support services.

About Gireesh C Samrat

Gireesh C Samrat is a digital marketing consultant and offers training and dedicated services in the field. Known for his extensive experience, he has been credited for success of many online businesses in a number of different industries. He is also a keen marketing professional, who loves to work with trending ideas blending them with the elements of marketing mix for creating result-oriented advertising plans.

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