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Tools to create positive impacts in communities and the world.

Port Orchard, United States – April 25, 2016 – With Respect, LLC has developed research-based programs to help companies and organizations improve their cultures and practices. This work has been effective, well-received and life changing for the individuals and organizations that have had access. The company launched an IndieGogo campaign to raise $45,000 to expand their programs and products to reach larger organizationsto support equality and respect in business. 

The company’s research shows a global trend increase in violence, racism and sexism. This is due to lack of proper communication and community development within the workplace, which leads to bullying and harassment, high employee turnover, office drama and gossip, low productivity, poor customer service and much more. Without the proper tools and strategies in place people won’t see how things can change or realize what’s missing most is related to respect. 

With Respect, LLC has a step by step process to identify and remedy these issues. To promote the necessary tools to larger progressive organizations and companies, $45,000 is needed to expand programs and products by hiring a business to business marketing firm. The creation of an effective marketing campaign will enable the company to reach businesses that want to do more good in the world. 

“Help us to help them” ~ With Resepect, LLC Team 

We have the tools to empower businesses to make positive changes. 

Funds received will cover the hiring of a Business to Business marketer, software and technology upgrades and program/product development. 

The company aims to change the world by providing progressive organizations and companies with the necessary tools and skills. 

Click here to make a contribution. Donations will help With Respect, LLC reach out to organizations and collaboratively start building cultures of respect and equality that will create a positive global impact. Backers can choose from a number of attractive rewards. Perks will be delivered by June 2016 

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