Mobile Client for Genius Vision Desktop NVR (IP Camera Software)

Genius Vision has a long history of embracing innovative new technologies.  They appear intent on continuing that tradition with their advanced NVR mobile client software.  This software allows users to view their IP camera footage and access advanced NVR software functionality directly from their mobile device. 

The NVR mobile client shares a great deal of the features offered by the Genius Vision network video recorder (NVR) desktop software.  It is a powerful mobile application that gives security professionals and property owners complete oversight of a property — all in the palm of their hand.

This article will look at some of the features included in the Genius Vision NVR Mobile Client. It will also identify how this innovative software can help a business or homeowner improve their security capabilities.

About The Genius Vision NVR Mobile Client

Available on both Android and iOS, the Genius Vision NVR Mobile Client is a feature-rich mobile application designed for security professionals and property owners. 

The app is designed to work in conjunction with Genius Vision’s PC/Windows NVR software and other IP camera software.  Its key feature is the ability to access live video footage that is steamed from Genius Vision’s NVR software.  The app can display multiple cameras simultaneously to give users a complete overview of a location.  Other benefits of this software include:

– Simple to set up

The Genius Vision NVR Mobile Client can be set up in seconds and delivers real-time video footage from your network of IP cameras.  It will search your LAN and automatically find any available NVRs.

– Intuitive multi-touch interface 

The developers have created a very intuitive interface for viewing camera footage.  Users can control pan, tilt and zoom with their fingers to examine the video feeds in very close detail.

– View live video from an unlimited number of cameras 

The application can be used to view the feeds of an unlimited number of cameras, coming from multiple servers.  This makes it ideal for security professionals who are monitoring multiple properties simultaneously.

– Powerful video playback controls 

The app includes powerful video playback controls with video time search and a graphical time-bar display (requires In-App purchase of Professional features).

– Automatic select of the last stream from multi-stream

This feature allows users to quickly revert to their last stream, which can save a significant amount of time and bandwidth when repeatedly checking one camera

– Advanced user authentication system 

The user authentication system ensures that only authorised users are granted access to their IP camera software

The Genius Vision NVR Mobile Client supports multiple IP camera brands including AXIS, Arecont Vision, VIVOTEK, Brickcom, ACTi, IQinVision, JVC, SONY, Foscam, as well as USB web cameras, RTSP video sources and ONVIF IP cameras.

Advantages of Using the Genius Vision NVR Mobile Client

There are some great advantages to using the Genius Vision NVR mobile client including:

– Instant access to security footage while traveling

– Ability to review footage immediately if an alarm has been tripped

– Ability to check cameras while en route or arriving at a property which is experiencing a security intrusion

– The ability to undertake more security patrols with easy access to IP camera software available at any time

– For homeowners, the ability to check on your own property while on holidays or traveling

About Genius Vision

Genius Vision has stated they are dedicated to developing innovative and feature-rich products that are easy to use.  The Genius Vision NVR mobile client is just the latest in a long list of quality products that this company has developed.  Their development team say they are looking forward to creating more products that help clients maintain a high level of security.  With many new innovative products being released on a regular basis, it is certainly an exciting time in the security industry.

If you would like to learn more about the Genius Vision NVR mobile client, contact them today.

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