KickStarter Joins together with the Author of \”Breath Of Fire\” – A Fantasy YA Book by Iman Eyitayo to Translate The Book Into English

April 25, 2016 – Noisy-le-Grand, FR – KickStarter will help publish “Breath of Fire,” a fantasy book series by Iman Eyitayo, author of the “Heart of Flames.” The book is expected to be published in December 2016 and is hoping to gain enough support coming from the readers who want to pledge for the book project.

The book is all about a girl named Aluna who lives in the shadows. She was born with a twin, who is not allowed to live in the village as the Lord of the town who recently arrived in the Iriah to reign as a tyrant prohibits it. The story will run around the magical and amazing adventure of Aluna as how she finds herself in the center of attention of every people in the village.

“To finish the translation of my book, I need to pay a translator and a corrector (apart from me), a cost I had not anticipated despite my experience. I also need English corrector software,” said Ima to Kickstarter. She also added that “I enjoy the freedom of working independently without the entire marketing charade around. I really believe that art is best expressed when it is personal and honest, and the best audience is the people who simply enjoy it. I therefore reach out to you (Kickstarters) for all the reasons and also because I would like to be able to deliver that particular story the way I believe it should be, with my supporters’ feedbacks, instead of a third-party publisher.”

Born in 1988, Iman Eyitayo tells stories from a very young age. She is a person who wants to conquer her dreams. She is an IT Project Manager and writing is her only passion from the time she discovered kid books, mangas, animes, video games as well as Final Fantasy. Inspired by passionate designs and video games, she started very young to create her own comic books that she shared along with her younger sister. Aside from writing, Iman Eyitayo loves to travel, loves to learn new foreign language, listening to music, watching TV series and from time to time draw and play video games.

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Company Name: BOF
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