Hits 97.5 Radio Station announces that it is now open to independent artists

25  Apr, 2016 – Internet radio has become one of the biggest sources of sharing, and discovering new artists. One of the biggest reasons Internet Radio is surpassing Terrestrial Radio is because the user can share what they are listening to with their friends instantly, generating a viral effect. This is one of the reasons getting played on Internet Radio is highly sought after, especially for unsigned artists. However getting radio play can be a daunting journey for artists without a major record label. In fact one of the most challenging issues faced by independent artists is how to get their music played on the radio. In order to help indie artists get a chance to show their music skills to global listeners, Hits 97.5, the reputed and favorite radio station of many has announced that they will now allow unsigned artists to submit music for radio play. This has made Hits 97.5 grab a position among the best radio stations that play independent artists.

Being among the top music stations available online, Hits 97.5 is offering an excellent opportunity and encourages all indie artists to make radio play submissions of their best music. Submitting the best song(s) can help the artist make the most out of this opportunity.

There is stiff competition for the airwaves among major label artists, and Hits 97.5 is offering independent artists the ability to showcase their music alongside major artists. The artists have to just submit music for radio play to get it played on this online radio station. In addition, it also provides extra exposure and the much needed publicity by tweeting the details of the song  through their official Twitter account as well as on the official Facebook page of Hits 97.5. This way, this radio station makes sure that indie artists get due recognition the same way that signed artists do. To submit the songs, make sure that the song is radio ready, meaning mixed and mastered properly, as well as swear words censored; then simply click the url at http://hits975.com/get-radio-play

About Hits 97.5:

With millions of listeners across the globe, Hits 97.5 has always managed to grab the number one position of being the people’s favorite radio station playing the top music of varied genres such as pop, hip hop, and R&B.

Media Contact
Company Name: Hits 97.5
Contact Person: Rob Dorian
Email: hits@hits975.com
Phone: 865-315-8236
Address:332 S Michigan Ave, Suite 309
City: Chicago
State: IL
Country: United States
Website: http://hits975.com/get-radio-play