Man starts fundraising campaign for his dog suffering from herniated disc

Alex Guzman has started a crowd funding campaign for his dog named Ringo who is suffering from a serious disease called, herniated disc. This condition causes the dog to be in continuous pain and difficulty in movement. He has gone to thevet for getting his dog treated and they said they’ll have to perform surgery to treat the condition. The cost of the surgery is estimated to be around $6200 which Alex can’t afford on his own and that is why he’s seeking help from the masses by starting a fundraising campaign on

Ringo has been with Alex since he was a puppy. He has been his best friend and one of the loving members of the family. He has always been an active dog until a while ago when Alex noticed that he hasn’t been acting his usual self; being active and running around the house. He has been struggling to move and was in severe pain which was difficult for Alex and his family member to watch.

He did not know yet what was troubling him but he noticed that his body was shaking and he had tears in his eyes because of the unbearable pain. He immediately took him to several vets but everyone said that he’s fine and just gave some medicines but his condition was not improving and in fact, got worse with time.

One day Alex’s mom woke him up early in the morning to tell that Ringo was not moving. His stomach churned by the thought of the worst and he immediately rushed Ringo to the 24-hour emergency vet. They finally found out that he was suffering from herniated disc in his neck which was causing him chronic pain and making him weaker day by day. This condition caused half of his body not to function properly and his nervous system was being delayed resulting in severe pain. Doctors told him that Ringo would have to go under the surgery that would cost $6,200.

To save his best friend and his loving dog, Alex went on to start the fundraising campaign on Gofundme so that he can pay off the surgery cost and make Ringo bring back to his normal life.  Ringo has been an important part of Alex’s life and a valuable member of his family and that is why it is a difficult situation for them.

Alex and his family have urged everyone to support the campaign to save Ringo’s life and those who can’t donate at the moment may also share the Gofundme campaign on social media. 

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