Auto Dealer Makes History With Breakthrough Aviation Invention

ATLANTA, GA – 25 Apr, 2016 – Arthur C. McCoy, a 35 year old former financial manager for Mercedes Benz, has come up with the most fascinating invention in aviation industry within the last decade. The invention, called “Ethan’s Cage”, decreases and eliminates bird strikes to engines by using a lightweight, titanium mesh cage that is hydraulically controlled to cover the engines during take offs and landings, then retracts into a housing.

According to reports, there were 56,000 bird strikes to civil aircraft in the United States from 1990-2004. “There are thousands of bird strikes each year with millions spent on engines, parts, and labor. Ethan’s cage is the answer to saving lives, decreasing injuries, and also saving the airline industry millions of dollars per year. It’s not about the money to me, it’s about my passion for people and my passion for aircraft. When I combined those passions together, the cage came about. We are in the process of partnering with an aviation leader to have Ethan’s cage on every aircraft in America and then the world. That is my plan. Always do what makes you happy, do not do it for money. If you do things for money, you will never be happy but if you do what makes you happy, you will always have the money,” says Mr. McCoy. 

He is now working on additional aircraft safety inventions and hopes to be able to give $1,000,000 to charities within the next two years.” I am very humble and thankful to God, my beautiful wife Inger, and our children. Without them, this would not be possible.  Never allow anyone or anything to get in the way of your dreams. There will be hurdles. Sometimes you jump over, sometimes go around, and other times you have to just go directly through them.”  The cage is expected to be on its first flight sometime next year and was named after his four year old son Ethan, which means to be strong.

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