Tips to Improving the Energy Efficiency of Home Windows

An energy efficient home is something that everyone would like to have. These solutions can help improve your home window’s energy efficiency.

Studies show that an average home loses more than 30 percent of its energy utilization through the windows. In colder climates, heat from the interior escapes through cracks and gaps in the windows to bring heating expenditures unusually higher than average. Conversely in warmer or hotter climates, cooler air escapes through the same cracks and gaps in windows requiring greater energy expenditure to cool the interior of the home. Given that home windows account for more than 30 percent of these energy loses, it is therefore imperative that you seek more energy-efficient solutions to your home window.

Seal Cracks, Gaps, and Other Spaces

Two of the most cost effective ways to seal cracks and gaps in your home windows are caulking and weather-stripping. These methods will not require you to shell out substantial amounts of money. They are also very easy to apply. For cracks that are less than ¼ of an inch wide, caulk can be used. For larger cracks, you can use commercially available spray foams. For the movable parts of your home windows, you can use more appropriate materials.

Install High-Efficiency, Low-Emissive Window Films

You can ask your friendly hardware store for plastic window films. Or for best results, consider installing a high efficiency, low emissive window film which can help keep cool air in during the hot summer months and warm air in during the cold winter months. These thin films help to reduce the amount of heat that is transferred between the exterior and interior panes of your double-paned home windows so you will feel much more comfortable inside the home.

Replace Sidings

If you have already installed low emissive films and have performed weather-stripping and yet you still cannot manage to control your energy use, then consider replacing your sidings. Sometimes, these parts of your home windows can have very small cracks that may already require replacement. For best results however, it is often a lot better to have a professional perform an assessment.

Consider Replacing Your Windows

If all else fails, you need to consider replacing home windows with more energy efficient replacement windows. While these may set you back for a few thousand dollars, the savings you eventually get in the long run from the reduced dependence on either heating or cooling can more than offset the initial cost of home window replacement.

An energy efficient home is something that everyone would like to have. These solutions can help improve your home window’s energy efficiency.

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