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Taking its place as the best on-line fax service globally, Onlinefaxes.com announces its acquisition of Solidfax for an undisclosed amount. Before being acquired, Solidfax.com had successfully marked its place as a leader in the internet fax industry.

Now able to provide their clientele with even greater resources for faxing on the internet, Onlinefaxes.com has broadened its reach.  The company has acquired the leading internet fax service, Solidfax.com and with it takes an even greater position in the marketplace.  Typifying their devotion to increased functionality and great customer service practices, the online fax service will use Solidfax resources to increase their corporate online faxing solutions.  The internet fax service will also bolster their offerings to small business owners and private parties as well.

Mira Noryi, Chief Operating Officer of OnlineFaxes.com said of the recent buy out, “We’re thrilled that the acquisition of Solidfax went smoothly.  Now we can provide an even greater section of the global marketplace with internet faxing services with the best price guaranteed.  We’re among the #1 online fax providers because we have an unparalleled product.  We do our utmost to help our clients, who want to fax on the internet, do so safely and affordably.  That was our goal to begin with.  We’ve happily met that goal and we’ll continue to do so.”  

Onlinefaxes.com has grown its customer base consistently by more than 100 percent with ever year since its founding.  With an enthusiastic commitment to integrity, Noryi sees a bright future in the consumers’ ability to fax on the internet.   In a fast-paced marketplace, demanding the need for productivity to be at an all time high, Onlinefaxes meets that criteria.  

Working with Fortune 500 companies, their partners, and private associates, Onlinefaxes.com allows users to fax online via their email, smartphone, tablet or computer.  The internet faxing service provides live customer service seven days a week as well.  Helping their customers save money, once partnered annually with the online faxing service, customers can send and receive faxes for as little as $4.99 a month.  This option includes a free local number or a toll free number for only one dollar.

For information regarding a 30-day free trial visit www.Onlinefaxes.com

About Onlinefaxes.com:

Onlinefaxes.com is an internet faxing service based in Utah that provides the marketplace with business solutions nationally and internationally. No stranger to accolades, OnlineFaxes.com has been recognized as “Fax Product of the Year” for seven years running. The company’s CEO Mira Noryi has also been honored with the coveted “Enterprise Award for World Class Talent” from the Eastern Technology Council.

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