SG PR Consultants PTE LTD Offers Expert Consultation & Proprietary Submission Assistance.

SG PR Consultants  agency in Singapore is helping clients improve their chances of getting their PR Application Singapore accepted through their expert consultation and proprietary submission assistance. The company maintains an impressive over 90% success rate of getting PR applications approved on the first go.

In the year 2009, the Singapore government made changes to the law which included strict rules that resulted in more than 50% of PR applications being rejected. The changes made it increasingly harder for most Do-it-yourself applicants who were facing higher rejection rates as a consequence of not knowing the new standards. It should be noted that the first time a PR application is submitted is very important because comparing the application processing time is shorter in the first go then the second time an application is submitted. Therefore  SG PR Consultants  advise that applicants get their application correct on the first go to avoid wasting precious time and effort.

Rajeesh Farh, from India, now working in Singapore as a systems engineer, accounts his PR application experience: “I never trusted anyone who promises to get my PR application in Singapore approved. So, I decided to apply for PR status all by myself. What I didn’t anticipate was the difficulty of the whole process itself! Given that the Government of Singapore has stricter rules in accepting PR applications. I was left with no choice but entrust my application with Singapore PR Specialist. And yes, they were successful in gaining my trust back because in less than a year, my  PR was approved!”

SG PR Consultants  success lies in their capability to match advice and answers to the unique situation of every person that submits a query as well as provide general PR application advice, because there are highly qualified agents at the other end, who analyses each question before providing their expert advice for each individual question. Each consultant that works at the agency has completed the extensive training and also has a vast amount of experience and knowledge that allows them to handle different types of cases and provide advice for the best approach.

People who have had their first application rejected can also contact SG PR Consultants  Agency to for professional guidance for their second PR application.

About SG PR Consultants:

SG PR Consultants  provide Consultation and Proprietary Submission Assistance service that deliver a reliable guidance for those seeking Singapore PR application advice. The service offers professional and personalized advice from licensed practitioners.

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