ChalkTastic to Conduct Customer Satisfaction Survey for Color Chalk Marker Pens

“ChalkTastic Color Chalk Marker Pens”
ChalkTastic has decided to conduct a customer satisfaction survey for their flagship product Color Chalk Marker Pens. This useful accessory is currently the number one Amazon bestseller in the category of stencil ink.

ChalkTastic is about to start a comprehensive surveys to find out the unbiased opinion of the customers about their highly acclaimed Color Chalk Marker Pens. During this survey, the company’s representatives will speak to the buyers of the product that have not posted their reviews on Amazon.  Official sources have revealed that the objective of this survey is to offer better service to the customers. Interestingly, this chalk marker set is currently an Amazon bestseller with close to thirteen hundred reviews. This product can be purchased in for $13.95 only.

ChalkTastic’s color chalk pens are available in packs of eight. Each of these pens contains highly concentrated liquid chalk Ink offering bright and vibrant colors. The manufacturers clams that this product has a huge capacity that will outlast other similar products. It has been observed that different types of colored pens are extremely popular amongst the little children. To keep these young users safe, the product has been manufactured using materials that are non-toxic, dust-free, and odorless. Alongside the young ones, these chalk based markers have been used with satisfaction by many teachers as a teaching tool.

In her Amazon review, a recent buyer states, “I recently purchased a pack of ChalkTastic’s plain white chalk markers and since those were so great, I was super excited to try these out. They’re incredible! They’re beautifully bright, draw so smoothly and they’re a big hit around here! Every time my nieces come over, we whip these out and spend the afternoon coloring on my chalkboards. This brand is truly the best and I’m so impressed with their products. I will be purchasing many more things from them in the future!”

Highlighting the need for the customer satisfaction survey, a senior official from ChalkTastic stated, “There are many buyers that are not comfortable posting reviews on Amazon. However, we need to know what they feel about this product. Based on their response, we will be making efforts to improve in the areas as mentioned by them.”

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