Free Education: California Senate candidate Hopeful, Chris Chahinian Provides a Unique Solution

Turning blank side of road signs into revenue streams, California state senate candidate aspirant provides a way for free first two years in college tuition

Chris Chahinian, a California State Senate District 25 candidate for the 2016 General Election, announces a proposal on generating revenue for the payment of the first two years of college education tuition for individuals. The proposal is to utilize free spaces behind sign boards on the roads of California. About 300,000 signs in the entire state of California will be used to display advertisement for local businesses, helping promote local businesses and generating revenue for the goal of “Providing the first two years of college for free.”

In California, most students get priced out of the university of California, dropping out or going to community colleges. The defunding of community colleges leads to a reduction in enrollments and raising of fees. Students end up going to high-cost-for-profit schools, which have a very low graduation rate.

“I believe that by improving education, we can solve a multitude of social problems,” said, Chris Chahinian, “Education has a long-range of impact in virtually every aspect of daily life including employment, crime, home values, teen pregnancies, homelessness, and poverty. Education improves critical thinking skills among children and builds self-confidence.”

Chris Chahinian says further “This encourages them to be entrepreneurs and small business owners, as they become productive members of our society. A good education is the backbone of a healthy society. Quality education cannot and should not be an option; it should be a priority. With your support, we can make quality education for our children a reality. When our children succeed, we all succeed.”

About Chris Chahinian

Chris Chahinian is a successful businessman and recognized community leader, living in the San Gabriel Valley for over 25 years. Chahinian works in the community as a Director of the Rose Bowl Operating Company in Pasadena. A consistent voice for local hiring and small businesses. Through his efforts,  285 people have been hired within the community and helped secure over $7,000,000 to local businesses and individuals.

He has been recognized for his exceptional leadership within the community by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, US Senator Barbara Boxer, Congressman Adam Schiff, Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich and Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard.

Chris Chahinian is running for State Senate. His top priority is to boost the economy, reform the education system, improve public safety and support hard-working middle-class families.

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