Cheaper Car Insurance Go Explain How To Cut American Car Insurance Premiums

A third of new drivers do not shop for new auto insurance quotes while the average American driver has not changed their car insurance for 12 years. Cheaper Car Insurance Go has put together tips and advice to reduce auto car insurance prices.

A popular auto insurance comparison site has put together tips and advice to help drivers reduce their premiums. With the average driver not changing their car insurance company for 12 years and a third of drivers not shopping for new auto insurance companies when their policies come up for renewal, Cheap Car Insurance Go ( decided to take action.

Cheap Car Insurance Go, a popular auto insurance comparison site that compares hundreds of auto insurance companies to provide consumers with the best deals has put tips and advice together to help reduce driver’s insurance premiums.

1. When the auto insurance policy comes up for renewal, never allow it to automatically renew. By allowing the insurance policy to renew it means the driver could be paying more than a new customer with the same company.

2. It is important when looking to renew or looking to purchase a brand new car insurance policy to use a comparison site  ( By using an auto insurance comparison site, a driver can save money on their new policy by checking for all the best deals.

3. Work out the mileage the car will be used for. By over estimating the annual mileage it can increase the cost of the auto premium.

4. The main purpose of the car. It is important to answer the question correctly when being asked what is the primary use of the vehicle. By getting the question wrong, it can increase the auto insurance premium.

5. Marital status. When filling in the form to compare auto insurance premiums, it’s important to put down the correct marital status. Some insurance companies will provide lower premiums for people who are married.

6. Pay the insurance in one payment. Paying for an insurance policy on a monthly basis can increase the cost of the insurance, when paying it all at once, it will make it more affordable.

7. Don’t add young drivers to the policy. By adding young family members to an auto insurance policy, it can increase the amount the consumer pays.

8. Take higher excess. Have a look at the amount of excess that is being offered. By increasing the amount of the excess, it can reduce the amount the consumer pays.

A spokesman for Cheaper Car Insurance Go said: “By following our tips and by using our car insurance comparison site, consumers can save a great deal on their car insurance premiums.”

With the average driver overpaying on their auto insurance policy by over $420, using the car insurance comparison site and not automatically renewing a policy can help drivers get the best deals.  The comparison site is easy to use and allows a driver to find the best deal within minutes.

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