Airwheel C5 cool street bike helmets were designed for Outdoor Cycling in Mountain Path

Outdoor cycling is an increasingly popular sports nowadays since it combines general exercise with extreme sports greatly. Riders can keep their health and get exercise and excitements at the same time. Airwheel C5 can not only record every exciting moment but protect the safety of riders, which is appreciated by riders a lot.

John is a storekeeper who sells sports apparatus and he is also an extremist who loves outdoor extreme sports. John has led and organized some outdoor cycling which is popular among his customers. This time, John decides to plan an outdoor cycling in the mountain path, which requires a solid helmet to protect the rider. Besides, John also needs the camera to record the scenes and his accompanies clearly. Airwheel C5 is the smart helmet protecting individual safety with the camera to record every moment.

smart helmet

The helmet is made of strong material which can resist shock and protect rider’s head. Besides, the lights equipped in the back of the helmet can alarm vehicles and pedestrians at night, which protects the safety of riders further. The original aim of intelligent helmet for extreme sports is to protect riders which is reflected in its material and breathing lights.

The camera is equipped in the front of the best motorcycle helmet to record what riders seeing as the view of rider himself. The 2.4 inch width of the screen is in the middle of the helmet, the pixel of the photo and video is 720p, so riders can check what they record easily and clearly. Besides, Airwheel C5 can connect with the cell phone by blue tooth, which enables riders to make the call while riding safely and quickly. The inner microphone guarantees the voice quality is clear even when riders are moving swiftly or staying in mountain areas. Besides, riders can listen the music while cycling at the same time to release the stress and pressure on riding.

Airwheel C5

With the custom motorcycle helmet, John led his team to cycle on the mountain successfully. Airwheel C5 also record every moment of the journey, which is appreciated by riders since they can treasure the memory by video and pictures forever. Airwheel C5 has been the good accompany for those riders fond of extreme sports.

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