Popular Food Blog FoodGem.sg has Published Detailed Reviews on Best Restaurants in Singapore

Satisfy your food addiction.
A newly launched food and travel blog offer readers and tourists with detailed reviews and recommendations for the best restaurant find, quality dishes and best tourist spots around the Singapore area and other prime locations in Asia.

From the humble beginnings of an Instagram account dedicated to food photography, FoodGem has evolved into a full-fledged food blog and travel guide that offers detailed food reviews, restaurant recommendations and travel guidance to residents and tourists of Singapore and other Asian countries.

Formally launched in 2016, FoodGem is an extensive food and travel blog that offers readers with articles and reviews on different cuisine selections that may be easily navigated through an alphabetical cuisine list. The list includes multiple Asian, European, and Western cuisine selections. The website also holds several travel articles covering different tourist areas and local areas in Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, and other prime Asian locations. Furthermore, each article includes photographs personally taken by the author so as to provide readers with the necessary visuals to back up reviews.

FoodGem has been noted to be an independent, stand-alone company with no affiliation with any blogging organizations and management. The author, however, remains open to review requests submitted by restaurant owners, as well as readers’ recommendations. For the submission of a review request, the author can be contacted via email.

The author of foodgem.sg, Rachel Chua, has noted that the website was created to account for her affection for food, travel, and her home in Singapore. It has also been noted that the primary principles of the site are rooted in proper sustenance, saving calories, appreciation for different cooking styles, and overall great food experiences.

Only a few months following its initial launch, the blog foodgem.sg has already begun to capture the attention of an international readership and following. It is predicted to become a highly trusted food and travel guide for people whom are looking to travel or are currently residing in the countries covered within the blog itself. The author has vowed to continue creating quality reviews and unbiased recommendations to the customers. With its growing public audience and overwhelmingly positive reviews by experts and commoners alike, the future success and further development of the blog are to be expected.

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