Trusted Auto Parts To Provide Free Lifetime Shipping To Every One Hundredth Customer

Upstart Online Used Auto Parts Company Announces First Of Many New Incentives To Help Transform Used Auto Parts Industry To Ensure Each Customer is Treated Like A King

Austin, Texas – Following recent announcements by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs that it filed civil suits against two of the top brand names in the auto parts business, many auto parts dealers were sent scrambling. The suits, which alleged that certain auto parts merchandise was consistently being scanned at higher prices than the actual posted selling prices at various stores spotlighted one of an increasing number of issues plaguing the highly competitive $550 billion dollar global auto parts industry. Many consumers saw it as a complete betrayal of the trust they had placed in the biggest auto part names in the business.

Subsequent investigations by leading consumer groups uncovered additional problems. In fact, according to one of today’s top consumer advocacy websites, Consumer Affairs Online, lack of transparency and lack of accuracy in pricing have consistently ranked among the top 145 consumer complaints against used auto parts dealers today. Additional complaints have railed against blatant incompetence and procrastination by dealers who persistently fail to ship parts on time, to consumers receiving wrongly described parts that don’t even fit their cars’ makes and models, to complaints against dealers who consistently fail to own up to their mistakes – let alone resolve them.

While most auto parts dealers have responded to recent criticisms by largely dismissing them or simply hunkering down to attempt to ride out the storm, Trusted Auto Parts’ Founder Larry Sandlin and Manager Mike Jones took note of the above issues and saw them as an opportunity. Rather than accept current conditions, both men chose to view these issues as a wake-up call to inspire them to look at how they were doing business and see if they could come up with a better approach.

“In the beginning, like our competitors, we made our share of mistakes,” Jones confesses. “However, after looking at all of the recent criticism our industry was getting, we turned to each other and said: ‘You know, honestly, there must be a better way.’ So we actually shut down our business for nearly six months, lost a considerable amount of revenue, but ultimately figured it would be worth it if we could come up with a better, more optimal method of doing business to create a truly exceptional, consistent standard of doing right by our customers, and even serve as benchmark for our industry to live by.”

“We began by conducting a thorough step-by-step examination of every facet of our online used auto parts business,” Sandlin chimes in, “to see how we could improve each area of it. Ultimately, it became our mission to create a consumer experience that couldn’t be rivaled, by looking at how we were doing things as if we were the customers purchasing from ourselves.”

“We’ve now become the guys who love to say ‘No,” Jones confirms with a wry smile. ‘No’, to used auto parts that have been improperly graded or come with subtle cracks and defects. ‘No’ to customer warranties with unacceptable fine print. ‘No’ to shoddy customer service. ‘No,’ to any employee who absolutely refuses to treat each and every customer like a KING.”

“We’ve now set a goal to become THE recognized Low Priced Leader in our industry… but with full transparency,” Sandlin notes with pride. “In fact, if our customers find an identical part advertised online at a lower price with any of our competitors, once we’ve confirmed that, we’ve vowed to MATCH THAT PRICE… and discount it by one dollar!”

“We’ve also realized the majority of consumers are completely in the dark about how the used auto parts aftermarket functions,” Jones adds. “That’s why we decided to shine a light on this area by creating a Consumer Awareness Corner on our newly revamped website. In future days, we plan to share information in a wide range of areas…what to look for, what to know, what to avoid to become a truly empowered used auto parts purchasing consumer.”

As an example, Jones notes most all junk yards categorize and grade parts by first examining the cars they come from, typically using screening factors such as the amount of miles driven, whether cars were owned by multiple drivers, drivers’ histories, accident histories, and more.

“Used car parts are traditionally sorted into four categories,” Jones amplifies. “Category ‘A’ parts – the best kind – are followed by Category ‘B’, ‘C,’ and then the lowest ‘Aftermarket Category.’ While many of our competitors will sell customers parts in all four categories, and therefore attempt to compete on price, we made a conscious decision to compete on both price AND quality by only offering Category ‘A’ parts for sale – so our customers can truly sleep safely and soundly at night.”

Thanks to this new policy, Sandlin observes with pride, Trusted Auto Parts is now able to offer a 90 Day Warranty on certain parts in certain cases – a standard unmatched in the industry.

“We also offer unbeatable financing to help our customers afford the safest – and therefore most trusted auto parts – that carry our Trusted name on them,” Jones adds. “Our unique affiliate partnership with financing giant PayPal also requires no upfront payments, no extra processing fees, and no interest for six months! None of our top five competitors are offering anything like this.”

Sandlin concludes he’s looking forward to announcing newer, even bolder ‘customer-focused’ solutions that will re-set the standard in his industry, to ensure every customer feels like they are being treated like a King.

“Every morning we wake up and ask ourselves: ‘how can we make today better than we did yesterday for our customers?’” Sandlin muses. “We invite our customers to give us their feedback in real time while ordering from us so that we can constantly strive to improve their experience! That’s why we’ve concluded that ‘Yes’ will never again be part of our language or a standard we intend to live by.”

To celebrate their new ground-breaking business approach and official Grand Re-Opening on May 1, 2016, as a special incentive offer to thank their loyal customers, Trusted Auto Parts has decided to offer “Free Lifetime Shipping” for a limited time to every 100th consumer who visits their website and ultimately decides to place an order through it. More unique offers are planned.

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