The Pied Piper Story Comes True – UK Householders at Risk from Super-Rat Invasion

Householders across the UK may find super-sized rats invading their homes, gardens and outbuildings in the weeks and months ahead. An unusually-mild December and January has allowed rodent populations to explode, with potentially devastating consequences. Instead of being decimated, rats and other rodents have been eating and growing fast to a ferocious size.

‘Householders need to be very aware of the threat,’ says leading pest controller Craig Stanford of 24 Hour Pest Control. ‘My phone is ringing off the hook with calls from people who have found large rats and mice in their homes. Householders should take prompt action to keep these pests firmly under control.’

UK newspapers such as the The Mirror have reported many stories of giant rodent invasions, including one story showing a picture of a monster four-foot rat found in Hackney. The problem is particularly severe across London, Essex and Hertfordshire. These pests can not only cause expensive property damage, they also pose serious health risks, too. Householders are advised to contact a specialist pest controller for advice on how to deal with this problem.

With Spring now well under way in the UK, the magnitude of the problem is multiplying week by week. Householders need to deal with the problem urgently before the summer heat makes the issue total out of control.

‘We are concerned that real health and hygiene problems may emerge in the weeks ahead,’ says Stanford. ‘Rodents are a serious health hazard at the best of times. This plague of monster rats is really scary – it’s like the Pied Piper of Hamlyn story come true.’

The good news is that although the threat is serious, rodent infestations can easily be eliminated by a trained pest controller. Householders are advised to use only trained, qualified and professional exterminators in order to ensure that the problem is dealt with properly.

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