Leading Expert Bob Mangat Shares Advice

Medical schools teach doctors how to treat and care for patients. They don’t teach them how to run a business.

Bob Mangat of invigoMEDIA has dedicated his life to helping doctors. The symptom of a medical practice that doesn’t strive are plainly seen. The patient care is mediocre. The staff is undertrained, the equipment is seldom the best nor latest. These impact patients in their experience but can also have an impact on the quality of their treatment. 

When doctors are invested in running their business, rather than staying focused on their patients care, every time the practice suffers. it doesn’t grow and doesn’t strive. At first it may be perceived as greed, to want to grow a medical practice, but truth be told, the patients always benefit from a striving medical practice. Better staff, better equipment, better training on latest technologies, better comfort and care.

invigoMEDIA offers a personalized approach. They market to get a medical practice potential clients’ attention and to generate leads and conversions. They also analyze and pinpoint where your company can increase profits as well as grow exponentially.

invigoMEDIA provides their clients with the best marketing applications to gather data, save money, and create a solid return on investments. While we try to attract more customers to your site, we also strive to convert those visitors into satisfied, paying, lifelong customers. These satisfied customers become promoters of the company and will help you grow an online community of customers.

According to the experts at invigoMEDIA the most common problems are:

• working too much IN their businesses and not ON it

• Lack of knowledge on how to generate new patients

• Lack of knowledge on how to train staff on closing new

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