Mothers Day Gift of Phone Waist Pack Helps Keep Mom Safe Out & About Everyday, Claims NewSun21

Mothers Day falls on May 8th 2016 and it is a special day for everyone. Most of us are blessed with a mother we cherish and for many it is a day for remembering a mother who has past. In all cases though it is a day of celebration and a time of flowers and small gifts to show that we appreciate the work and sacrifice that our mother have made in making us into the person we are today.

On this special day, what better way to say ‘I love you’ than with a gift of a phone waist pack by NewSun21. The waist pack is designed with safety and security in mind so that Moms can keep their phone and valuable safe and secure when they are out and about. The waist pack has a touch enabled transparent front to it, so that it can be operated without the need to remove it. Calls can be taken or music listened to, via the headphone socket built into the waist band leaving the phone and other valuables that there is ample room for safe and secure and away from the reach of others.

A spokesperson for NewSun21 explained, “The phone waist pack was designed for a range of uses from running, jogging, walking, travelling and also just for use when you are out doing the daily routine. It offers a higher level of security without impeding the users needs to have access to their phone and valuable. We think it would make a great gift for Mothers Day whether your Mom is younger and active, or even for older Moms who still have to stay safe. Today most people carry a phone and there isn’t a safer way to do this than by using a waist pack.”

The NewSun21 Phone Waist Pack for Sports, Recreational and Travel will accommodate phones with a width of up to and including 5.5 inches which includes the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the iPhone 5 and 5S, the iPhone 4 and 4S, the Samsung Galaxy S6, S5, S4, S3, Moto X and any other phone that fits within the 5.5 inch width parameters. The highly adjustable waistband strap has been designed to fit waist sizes from 24.5 inched to 43 inches and is made of water and sweat proof material with integrated reflective strip for visibility. The waist pack has a transparent touch enabled front for accessing the control functions of your phone and a headphone port for listening access.

The spokesperson continued, “We have had such great feedback from our customers about the waist pack. One customer comments stick out in my mind and they say everything you need to know about why we think it would make such a great Mothers Day gift for any Mom.”

Here is what she said;

“I can honestly say I LOVE THIS WAIST CELL PHONE CARRIER PACK! I don’t run or workout. But I do walk (try to) at least 4 days a week with my little one around our neighborhood and I love being able to just put my phone in this and it has ANOTHER pocket to put other things in it I put my E-cig (I vape) and house keys and even lip gloss maybe couple other small items.. I have NOW used it to go to amusement parks!! I was always so cautious of leaving my phone on top of the cup holder of the stroller and somebody walking by and grabbing it so now I can make sure it’s securely on me at all times! I don’t have to dig through my purse looking for my phone or worry about it missing plus it’s see through and I can still touch screen and use it at the same time while in the case and the waist band part is VERY stretchy and the clip part is very sturdy and will not pop apart by bending over or anything!! Even my boyfriend is jealous lol he doesn’t have one for himself and just might have to order him one separate for his birthday coming up! before I had to find a small bag of some sort to all my needs to use at amusement parks but of course they were on my shoulder or back. UGH! But now I just grab this product strap it around my waist put my things in and we’re on the go less than 2 minutes! I wish I would have had this thing sooner!!! We’re very family-oriented and do a lot of amusement parks and outgoings at least 3 times a month. I can’t tell you or the company how much this product has been so awesome!! So I will say this is a PERFECT PRODUCT TO BUY AND WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED AT ALL!!”

The NewSun21 Phone Waist Pack is available for sale exclusively on Amazon USA and for a limited may be purchased at a discount to its usual RRP, (Recommended retail price.)


NewSun21 are manufacturers and distributor of the NewsSun21 Phone Waist Pack for Running, walking and Travel Recreation.

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