Credit Card Security When Travelling – RFID Theft Threat Is Global Problem

Protection Is Suggested Whether You Decide to Travel at Home or Abroad

When it comes to planning a trip away from home, one of the priorities for most people is making sure they have adequate funds when they are away. This normally takes the form of taking enough cash and credit cards to cover any eventuality. If travelling abroad these days people tend to rely on their credit cards although some still use travellers cheques as a way of changing currency. Our reliance on credit and debit cards has recently highlighted a cause for concern that is still not widely known about by the general population and if you asked someone if they had heard of RFID theft, only 1 in 10 would probably be able to answer you correctly.

So if asked a question,

Did you know that all your financial information could be stolen from your credit cards without them ever leaving your wallet?

You would probably answer “No, I didn’t.”

But They Can!

If that was not scary enough, the facts have been recently highlighted in an investigatory video that shows how easy it is for thieves to steal information from shoppers in a mall and then quickly and easily reproduce exact match credit cards from the information stolen.

See the video below. You will be astonished.

Having your credit card details stolen at the mall is one thing, but the damage is doubled if they are stolen and used when you are away on holiday or on a business trip. Not only is there the time delay in realizing that funds are starting to disappear from your account but you may also end up without sufficient funds to be able to complete your trip. So knowing about RFID and the threat it poses should move to the top of your priority list before you next walk out of the door with your credit cards in your pocket.

RFID stands for radio frequency identification and is now being utilized by most credit card companies to allow their customers to make contactless payments using their cards. pay wave and Express pay are two of the most common forms of contactless payment where you no longer need to swipe your card or enter a PIN. A scanner in the shop automatically picks up a signal from a microchip in your card and reads your information so that you can be debited the amount that is charged.

The problem arises that the microchip in your card is constantly giving off this information to anyone with the equipment to read it and as seen in the video, the equipment necessary is not at all sophisticated and can be purchased quite easily online. Once stolen, your information can be quickly cloned onto a new magnetic strip and Voila! An exact copy of your card is now in the hands of the thief and you are not even aware that a crime has taken place. That is, until the money starts to disappear from your account.

Now for the good news!

It is possible to block the signal your cards make making it impossible for them to be read by thieves with scanners. The device needed is called a Faraday Cage and consists of a wire mesh arrangement that breaks up the radio signal emitted by your cards. You are now able to buy wallets fitted with an embedded Faraday Cage so that you can go about your life without the need to make alternative arrangements.

A spokesperson for RFID blocking wallet manufacturer Hugh B Hamilton explained, “Our RFID blocking wallet for men looks and feels like any other all leather, designer wallet. By looking at it, you wouldn’t be able to tell that it contains the Faraday cage technology to keep your credit cards safe. We don’t think that this new threat should impact on people’s lives so we have made our wallet to be as useful and as stylish as we can. For all intense and purposes, it’s a black, all leather, designer wallet. The protection it provides just means that it is one less thing to worry about whilst you enjoy your vacation.”

The Hugh B Hamilton RFID blocking wallet for men is a stylish black all leather design wallet that holds six credit cards plus an additional slot for ID and sleeve for cash. The wallet is sold exclusively on Amazon USA and EBay AUS. For a limited period of time the wallet can be purchased at a considerable discount to its RRP, (recommended retail price).


Hugh B. Hamilton are a family firm of manufacturers and distributors of RFID blocking devices including the RFID blocking wallet for men, sold exclusively on Amazon (US) and eBay Australia.

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