Reflective Vest Manufacturer MoonRunner Over the Moon with Customer Response to Launch

“”Awesome Safety reflective vest is very high quality while also being Sturdy, Streamlined and has a hidden pocket,” a customer said.”

In a statement today by reflective vest manufacturer MoonRunner, the company announced that they were extremely pleased and ‘over the moon’ with customer reaction to the recent launch  of a new reflective safety vest for runners, joggers, cyclists, walkers and anyone working in proximity to vehicles.

The fluorescent safety vest which comes in two variation sizes is made from the highest quality 3M Scotchlite and adjusts via Velcro straps to fit most  sizes and give a full 360 degree visibility range when worn. The vest also contains a hidden pocket so the wearer can easily conceal items such as keys and cash and will accommodate the latest model cell phones – iPhone 6 plus or Samsung S6. The product also includes two reflective straps that may be used as wrist or ankle bands to further enhance visibility and a laundry bag for storage.

Spokesperson Jessica Thompson explained further, “Our reflective safety vest was designed to provide the highest quality vest with visibility at the forefront, followed closely by user comfort and the then the needs of the modern world. You always like to think that you have all the angles covered but it’s not until customers actually buy your product that you find out if you have achieved what you originally set out to. That is why we are so happy with the customer response we‘ve received. The customer is always right and they have wholeheartedly given their support to the MoonRunner reflective vest.”

Here are what customer reviews on Amazon are saying about the MoonRunner vest:

“This is a great product!! I was impressed at how lightweight it was. Trying it on (size small/medium) over my running clothes and fastening the Velcro sides was a piece of cake. I performed numerous exercise moves and found it did not inhibit my movement one bit as I had ample room to move around with it on. One major plus is that it comes with a zipper pouch that can easily hold my house key, cell phone, money and tissues. The zipper pouch is up front and did not get in the way of running one bit. This also comes with 2 reflective straps that can be cut to size, which can be worn around lower arm or ankle. And lastly I love the mesh bag to store everything in or to wash as needed. You can have full confidence in ordering this product and fully loving it, as it comes with a 1yr warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

This vest has it all! Simple yet sturdy. Streamlined, hidden pocket for keys and phone. Winter use over jacket, with accommodating Velcro settings to allow for size-change for less bulky clothing in summer. There are two leg or arm straps to amp up the safety. I am a walker, and often go out in the dark to top off my step count. This is the perfect vest to keep my safe in my darker, low lit residential neighborhood. It is a snap to wash in the net bag included in the kit, also. This is a quality product.”

This moon runner deluxe running safety vest is good. The runner safety vest is super comfortable when you’re running or walking.

This product gives me the security of extra safety while my teenagers are out running in the dusk or evening. We live where there are some hills and windy roads. Although I preach safety and my kids are very knowledgeable about the rules of road running, this will allow the cars to spot the kids earlier. The reflectors are bright and can easily be seen from a distance. Fits well over a t-shirt or over a jacket as well. Great Product.

Jessica Thompson continued, “The response has been overwhelmingly positive and that is a great confirmation that we, as a brand, at MoonRunner have achieved what we set out to achieve. Our goals are all about providing high quality usable items to keep people safe. Personally, it is a great feeling to know that’s what you do for a living.”

The MoonRunner Reflective Vest (Deluxe) for running is available exclusively for purchase on Amazon USA. For a limited period, the vest will be available to purchase at a discount to its RRP, (Recommended retail price).


MoonRunner Retail are manufacturers and sole distributors of the MoonRunner (Deluxe) reflective running safety vest.

The vest can be purchased on Amazon USA and for more information please go to their product page at

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