BoQay Air Fresheners has been featured in Mr. Checkout What’s Hot Catalog for Direct-Store Delivery Distributors and Wagon-Jobbers Nationwide

We design, develop, and manufacture our own products, making it possible to offer the best products at the best prices.
BoQay uses a unique gel technology in our air fresheners that will change air care forever.

Turn any room into a BoQay of fragrance. Utilizing our unique gel technology we are changing how the air care market makes scents. While keeping our consumers in mind, our fragrance specialists work closely with our designers to make a quality air fresher for the best possible price. 

BoQay is proud to present our first line of Air Fresheners. These three styles bring a refreshing change to the standard air fresheners on the market. 

The Uplift Candle utilizes the classic candle design without the need for an open flame in addition to being lightweight and re-sealable. These candles are currently available in three passionate fragrances (Apple Delight, Sweet Vanilla, Paradise). 

The Fresh Blossom is a compact re-sealable yet versatile air freshener. These units are available in three blooming fragrances (Fresh Blooms, Strawberry-Kiwi, Apple Delight).

The Spin Fresh units add both refreshing bursts and continuous freshness to the bathroom. Freshen up the bathroom décor with three deodorizing fragrances (Slice of Sunshine, Spring Clean, Rainforest).

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