Mortgage Broker Corey B Hennagir Launches a New Website in Mortgage Lending

28 Apr, 2016 – Corey B Hennagir launched his new website in Mortgage Brokering, as a Senior Loan Consultant, working with various property first time home buyers and refinancing.

The aim of the launch of the new website is to deal with clients from the first home buyer to experienced owner, utilizing the most up to date computer software in sourcing out the most competitive loan services and products from Banks, Building Societies, Credit Unions and other “non-bank” lenders.

To fill the gap from a vision to reality for first time buyers and experienced owners refinancing, but do not know how to or where to connect, Mortgage Broker Corey B Hennagir, from Minneapolis, MN, provides support, advice and consultation for many loan types.

To fulfill the company’s mission, Corey B Hennagir who has devoted his working life in banking, business and mortgage broking for over a decade, is ready to perform his present role, being a mortgage broker. He will be providing tips, suggestions and advice on the questions given by customers as a professional expert in the field. He is expected to provide the best suggestions in the type of loan that the client needs. The type of mortgage questions from the client that will be answered include, the amount of money a client can borrow, the application process, the most appropriate loan types, the total costs, the limitations and features included in the loan, and the time required to acquire the loan.

It is expected that the launch of the new website will provide home buyers and owners assistance researching interest rates, repayments and fees, reliable advice and loan structuring, from a qualified, accredited industry professional, on all options, to ensure that the loan is right for each client. As of now, preparations and arrangements are being made by Corey B Hennagir to ensure the success of the website.

Corey B Hennagir is a professional mortgage broker who worked closely on the website, as a leading mortgage broker that has the best lending structure to accommodate the needs of first time home buyer and property investor alike.

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