Airwheel Z3 two-wheeled skateboard electric\’s endurance can be infinite

More and more people pay close attention to the intelligent electric scooter, Airwheel Z3. For the electric transport equipment, an important point for attracting people is the endurance. It is said that Airwheel Z3’s endurance can be infinite. And what do users think of this performance?

A new user, Owen, has personally tried and can attest to the infinite endurance. Owen has always been looking for a portable transport tool that can be carried into the subway, faster than walking and can provide endurable power but he is unable to master the skill for riding single wheel balancing scooters. For the electric transport equipment, an important point for attracting people is the endurance. At the beginning of this year, he bought Z3 2 wheels skateboard electric as recommended by his friends.

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From the introduction about Z3 skateboard electric, Owen knows that he can buy the battery pack separately. Based on the replaceable design for Z3 battery, one more battery pack will be a big help in terms of endurance. However he decides to buy the scooter firstly. If the riding experience is good, he will choose to buy more sets of batteries. The maximum speed of Z3 2 wheels scooter can be 20km/h. Owen weighs 75kg. He thinks that it will tend to consume power more quickly than those who are light. During his first riding, Owen controls the speed between 9-10 km/h in a comparatively stable road.

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Before going out, Z3 electric motor’s battery is fully charged. After about 3 kilometers’ distance, Owen check the left battery on APP shows 75%. He continue to ride and see what will happen. After one hour, the left power shows only 10%. He drives for another 5 km till Z3 uses up all the power. The final whole endurance reaches up to 16 km. It is enough for Owen’s daily commuting.

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After that experiment, Owen bought several sets of batteries. All the batteries are fully charged and Owen’s traveling will not be stopped even if it is a long journey since the several sets of batteries can supply enough power. From Owen’s description, you can believe that it is true that Airwheel Z3’s endurance is infinite.

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